Is Soundproofing Your Car Worth It?

We all know how annoying it is to be unable to carry on a decent conversation in a moving car or when you’re constantly distracted by a weird noise from the trunk. The best solution is to soundproof your car but many of us doubt if soundproofing a car is worth the money and effort? 

A straightforward answer is yes. Soundproofing your car is definitely worth it. It is rather necessary to control or eliminate certain frequencies when driving. Soundproofing damps down the vibrations and resonance caused by the engine, RPM levels, shock absorbers, tires, etc. And since it costs nothing more than $900, it’s certainly worth spending some amount for your peace and comfort. 

This article elaborates why and what makes soundproofing a car worth the money. 

What Are The Main Sources Of Sound In A Car?

Sounds in a car could come from the roaring engine, road, the interaction of tires with the road, shock absorbers, exhaust, the sound system, traffic, and the wind when traveling at a high speed. The metal structure of the car plays a huge part in amplifying these sounds through vibrations and reverbs. 

To properly address the sound issues in your car, you need to identify the exact sources of sound. Only then can you proceed to look for soundproofing solutions that are appropriate and if need be, make replacements too. 

For instance, if the exhaust is making a lot of noise, it might be better to get a new one altogether than try to soundproof the existing one. Moreover, diesel engines make more noise than gas ones. You certainly would need to incorporate some kind of soundproofing around the floor of your diesel engine vehicle for decent traveling. 

There’s an easy way to locate, measure, and compare the noise and how much of a difference will different soundproofing solutions make. Several new smartphone apps can almost accurately measure sound levels and give you a ballpark figure of what you’re dealing with. 

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Car?

The overall cost of soundproofing your car will depend on the size and kind of soundproofing you’re aiming for. But in general, it will take no more than $600 to $900. Which is a pretty sweet range considering the noise-free rides you’re going to get. 

Some people measure the value of soundproofing their cars with the amount of money it takes to do so. Fairly, the cost of soundproofing a car can be one of the factors based on which you decide to go for it or let go of it. 

The amount of money you spend on soundproofing is mainly determined by factors like the size of your car, the area which requires to be soundproofed, and the level of noise that needs treatment. The largest and the noisiest part of any vehicle is its floor. Then comes its doors, trunk, and roof. You would need sound deadening mats and soundproof spray on these areas and layer them up with carpet or regular floor mats. 

Benefits Of Soundproofing A Car

Why do you need to soundproof a car? Is it worth it? 

There are many advantages of soundproofing a car, some of them are:

Better Music/Audio Quality

For many of us, music is a huge part of our everyday car rides, even if it’s just to the grocery store two blocks away. In an appropriately soundproof car, you’ll be able to hear every beat and detail that will make your journeys nothing less than a sonic bliss. 

Sound from the car’s sound system will spread evenly in the car without leaking and you’ll hear crisper sound because sound deadeners will block all the noise from the road. 

No More Rattles

Unless you have a brand new car, some part of your car will be rattling here or there. It could be because of normal wear and tear, loose fittings, or wrong placement. Oftentimes, the most awful of noises could be heard from the trunk of your car. 

Whenever you hit a bump, such loose parts will collide, create noise, and can be dangerous if left untreated. You could be playing loud, bass-full music and hear your trunk or doors vibrate. This rattling doesn’t mean your car is defective or needs some fancy treatment. It can easily be fixed by soundproofing. 

Soundproofing products are soft and absorptive, they can easily absorb impact noise as well as airborne noise with such properties. 

No Engine Noise

Older car engines tend to make a lot of noises that need to be soundproofed effectively. A soundproof car will have sound deadening mats spread evenly throughout its floor and doubled around the engine area.  

Soundproofing may not entirely eliminate noise if it’s an old, loud diesel engine, but it can manage to bring the noise down to a bearable level. Moreover, engine noises can cause unnecessary anxiety regarding the engine’s performance. Soundproofing will keep them controlled and help you focus better on the road. 

More Peace And Insulation

Soundproofing a car is worth the effort because not only will you be able to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment for all your rides but you’ll also be able to enjoy the additional heat and cold protection. 

The mass and the density of sound deadening mats and soundproof spray will eliminate the noise from the road, tires, engine, and rattling. It creates air pockets that trap noise and dissipate it.

This added layer of insulation will block heat and cold from getting in as well. 


You can reasonably soundproof a car with no significant costs, just one or two products, and get a lot more additional benefits with it. This makes it all worth the effort and money you spend doing it. 

You can enjoy the peace, quiet, and every crusty beat on your journeys without being distracted by noise from outside or inside the car. Soundproofing will enhance all your in-car conversations, help you concentrate better on the road, and make your overall car experience enjoyable.