How to Make Dog Tags Quiet? – Smart Ways to Eliminate Tag Noise

Doesn’t matter if they want to scout the neighborhood or want a change of scenery; dogs are always wagging for a trip outside. If by chance, you left the front door open or the window half shut, your canine friend would slip out before you knew it. And if your dog isn’t the adventurous type, the only thing that would help you get your puppy back is their dog tag.

Dog tags are a lifesaver indeed, but their jingling noise is not for everyone – sometimes, not even for the dogs themselves. If your pup is sound-sensitive, the constant clinking would negatively affect their health. As a pet parent, if you are annoyed by the jingle jangle, we have lined up some clever ways to make dog tags quiet.  

What Makes Dog Tags So Important?

Dog runoffs are fairly common and inevitable for some, no matter what practices you adopt or how cautious you are in keeping your doggie secure inside. According to the American Humane Association, at least one in three dogs go missing at one point in their life. If you are not prepared in advance, your puppy could be next.

With technology’s evolution, microchipping pets may seem like a way out, but nothing works as effectively as the old-fashioned ID tags. True, microchipping helps streamline the identification process for a dog, but dog tags are a faster and more convenient way for people to contact you. When rescued by the animal shelter, the dog tags help distinguish your pet dog from stray ones, ensuring a safe return.

Even if you place your bets on a dog-tracking device, the odds still lie in favor of the tags when it comes to accessibility. Considering the hassle-induced trips to a vet clinic and costly microchips and GPS systems, most pet parents find themselves better off with typical dog tags.

5 Easy Ways to Make Dog Tags Quiet

Despite being convenient to wear and legible for years, dog tags have one fundamental flaw – the jingling noise. But there are multiple ways to make the noise go away:

Wrap With Sugru Molding

While it may demand a little work, wrapping the clinking dog tags with Sugru Molding will effectively dampen the sound. Sugru is a multi-purpose moldable glue that helps seal, bond, reinforce, and most of all, cushion clattering tags, making it the best DIY dog tag silencer.

The Sugru works exactly like molding dough children play with and is also non-toxic, making it safe for your little puppies even if they come into contact. Pull your Sugru out of the pack and start rolling it with your hands until you achieve the desired thickness and consistency. Gather your dog tags, and line their edges with the molding glue.

Keep an ample thickness of the molding on either side to protect metal tags from jingling into each other. Let the molded tags rest for a few hours until they fully dry off. Trim the insides of the molding to give a nice clean edge that doesn’t overlap the information etched on the tags.

Try an S-Hook for Dog Tag

S-hooks are those metal wire pieces featuring a distinctive S-shape that fasten ID tags to a dog’s collar. While they are strong and durable in securing pet tags, you need to be clever when mounting them on the hook, so they make no clanking noise.

One thing you need to note is that don’t outnumber the tags to the S-hook than what it’s actually supposed to handle. Poke one end of the hook into your dog’s collar while using the other end to slide in the metal name tags. Use pliers to squeeze both ends tightly into a closed loop preventing tags from slipping off the hook. Limit the number of tags to one or two to achieve better silencing effects.

Embroider Dog ID on the Collar

Pet tags will always be a nuisance for your little pup, if not for you. Why not skip the bother altogether? Instead of hanging etched metal tags on your pet’s collar, why not embroider the important information on their collars?

If you aren’t confident with thread and needle, you can order customized collars online with your dog’s ID embroidered. With no metal involved, the pet ID tags will be a part of the collar itself, leaving no chance of clicking noise.

Add Cushioning to the Back

If you are adamant about those etched metal tags because of their durability or aesthetic appeal, consider adding cushioning to dampen the jingling noise. You can stick multiple layers of insulation tape on the back of the tag, stick a thick fabric, or find anything slightly padded that can create a buffer. Remember to stick it discreetly behind the tag so it doesn’t budge.

Purchase Quiet Dog Tags

If you aren’t up for some DIY tricks to make dog tags quiet, perhaps it’s time to try out some quiet dog tags. Here are some clatter-free dog tags you can buy:

Brass Nameplates 

Though they may not be as popular as hanging tags, brass nameplates have been around for years. These metal plates are permanently fastened to the collar using rivets and cannot be transferred from collar to collar. So, if you are buying a new collar, order a custom-designed brass nameplate as well.


They are an upgrade to the typical keyring connector metal tags. Rubit Dog Tag Clips feature a quick-release assembly that allows you to detangle the tags in a single motion. If you are not in the mood for jingle jangle or it’s bedtime for your dog, simply unclip the tags, and you are good to go.

Slide-On Tags 

They use small metal plates backed with silicon or plastic covering, reducing the chances of clinking noise. Their convenience, comfort, and soundproofing make slid-on tags an even better success.

Silicone Tags 

Believe it or not, Silicone Dog Tags are in trend nowadays. They are silent, cheap, and fashionable compared to metal nameplates. Since they are not heavy, they are more comfortable to wear for small puppies.                   

The 4 Best Dog Tag Silencers

Shifting to new non-metal dog tags certainly helps downplay the clinking noise, but if you want to continue the same aesthetic appeal of metal tags, you need to adjust your strategy.

Dog tag silencers either come as soft rubber-like materials that snuggle up around the tags or as small fabric pouches that hold multiple tags inside to muffle the loud clinking. Sounds interesting? Let’s uncover some amazing dog tag silencers that are worth buying:

1. Dog Tag Bags by Dog Life

Dog Life has introduced fun little wallets that fit up to four dog tags inside, keeping them from clamoring each other every time your dog moves. The tag bags are lined with polyester on the inside that snuggles up the tags protecting them from clinking and scratching.

2. FreezeTag Pet Tag Holder

Part of the noise by a pet tag is produced when it jangles with the keyring or hook that binds to the collar. An effective way to reduce this noise is by using a soft connector, and the FreezTag pet tag holder might be the perfect fit.

Made from a soft, flexible plastic material, this tag holder securely binds tags to the collar without causing any jingling noise. Besides being smell-resistant and waterproof, the FreezeTag holder is tested for endurance, so it’ll safely last for years.

3. ThunderCover Dog Tag Silencer

ThunderCover features soft silicone pads that can huddle up to three dog tags without letting them clink into each other. Since it uses transparent silicone, anyone can easily read out the tag without having to pull them out. Thanks to the keyring opening on the top, you can easily slide up the cover without removing them in the first place.

4. Military Dog Tag Silencer by PinMart

Considering how most vicinities have deemed it essential to wear dog tags, and most pet parents can’t live with the constant clinkering, this dog tag silencer by PinMart offers a solution. It features a thick rubber casing that acts as a buffer, protecting the tag edges from clicking into each other. The silicone rubber silencer also shields the tags against scratching.

People Also Asked

Before we end the blog, here are the quick answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Do dogs like wearing tags?

Many dogs express displeasure while wearing collars and tags at the start. But eventually, make peace with them over time. However, when it comes to clinking name tags, some dogs get annoyed easily, especially those sensitive to sound. If your dog is being uneasy with the tags, prefer using a dog tag silencer.

How to DIY quiet dog tags at home?

The best DIY solution to quieten dog tags is by using Sugru or some related molding glue. The idea is to line the tag edges with Sugru molding, let it rest to dry for some time, and slide the tags back on the ring; your dog tags will now be super-quiet.

What information should I put on my dog’s tag ID?

Besides the legally required information about your dog, a dog tag should have the following information:

  • Pet parent’s name and phone number
  • Geographic area or address
  • Information about the microchip (if your dog is chipped)
  • Vaccination information