How to Hang Acoustic Panels From the Ceiling?

Most people looking to improve the sound quality of their room cover the walls with acoustic panels, which is fine. However, for best results, walls cannot be ignored. While attaching acoustic panels to the room walls is as simple as hanging a picture, most people are not sure about how to hang acoustic panels from the ceiling-rightly so.

How to Install Acoustic panels on the Ceiling

Acoustic panels can be attached on the ceiling by using either adhesive tape or adhesive spray. These adhesives are strong enough to ensure that the panel doesn’t fall after being mounted. Spraying the backside of the panel with adhesive spray, or attaching pieces of adhesive tape all around the edges is a simple method to hang acoustic panels on the ceiling.

Just make sure you are standing securely on the ladder to avoid any injuries during the mounting process.

Now, before giving you a step by step guide to hang the panels, here’s a list of items you’ll need if you are attaching the panels on drywall or smooth surfaces:

  • Spray adhesive (or construction adhesive if you’re working on a concrete wall)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pushpins
  • Replacement strips

Below is a step-by-step process of how to hang acoustic panels from the ceiling using different methods:

Installing with Foam Adhesives

Foam adhesives are comparatively easier to work with when installing acoustic panels on the ceiling. You can follow the below instructions to apply them properly:

  • Use a pencil to mark the spots on the ceiling where you want to attach the panel.
  • Clean the surface where the panels are to be placed (You can use a chemical like an isopropyl or denatured alcohol to disinfect the surface).
  • Use a rag to wipe the required areas and then let them dry.
  • Apply the adhesive thoroughly and evenly. A

Installing with Adhesive Spray

  • If you are using an adhesive spray, create an outline by using newspapers or cloth, to protect other surfaces from the adhesive. When using an adhesive, also try to maintain a cooler environment at around 21 degrees centigrade.
  • Then spray the backside of the acoustic panel with the spray as well. Also, spray the surface with adhesive.
  • Wait for ten to fifteen seconds for the adhesive to become sticky.
  • Delicately align the corners of the panel with your chosen surface and press the entire panel into the surface to ensure it makes complete contact with the wall. Maintain pressure on the panel for thirty seconds.

For Adhesive Squares

  • If you are using adhesive squares, firstly remove the paper liners from them and then place one side on the outer edges of the panel. Try to apply pressure on the adhesive square, to ensure that it is stuck hard and fast to the panel.
  • Remove the adhesive from the other side of the tape, and carefully align its corners against the ceiling. Maintain the pressure on the panel for thirty seconds to ensure that it is stuck to the surface. Make sure you apply pressure on the edges, where the tape has been applied.

Before giving you a set of instructions to help install acoustic panels, you need to be mindful of a few things. If you are drilling into a wall, be careful of the location you choose. You may damage electrical wiring, gas lines, and water pipes and create issues in the foundations. If you are attaching the panels to the ceilings, make sure you are standing securely on your ladder to avoid any injuries.

Furthermore, if you have no experience using tools, you should hire a contractor and have him install the panels.  

Four Recommended Acoustic Ceiling Foam Panels

Whether you have a recording studio, a theatre or a really loud kid, you can use acoustic foam panels to help soundproof any room. The recommendations below can help you in many ways. You can reduce the noise in any room or help create a more acoustic environment for recording tracks. You can choose one of the below based on the way they look and its functions.

1. Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam

The Auralex acoustic foam panel is an effective option to reduce the spread of sound. These are not the prettiest panels in the market but are a great option for people who need their work done easily. This panel can be used for ceilings and rest of the room as well. The panel offers sound absorption for mid to high frequencies and can also be arranged in various patterns on your ceiling. Ratings from Amazon’s website clearly indicate that the product is functional and highly recommended.

2. Foamily Decorative Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Waves

The Foamily acoustic panel is an affordable option. The panel comes in a symmetrical wave design and can absorb different kinds of sounds that are emitted in the room. If you line up the panels on the ceiling, a pleasing wedge design can be seen. It looks aesthetically agreeable while being practical as well. The panels offer an efficient method to clear the room of low-end bass nodes and help to stop reverbs. The amazon reviews online show that most customers were satisfied by the foam’s functionality. However, some did indicate that they were disappointed with the mismatched colours.

3. Soundsulate Sound Absorbing Acoustical Drop Ceiling Tiles

Sounduslate’s sound-absorbing tiles promise the user a soundproofed environment. The foam panels help absorb sound and can be used to reduce reverb. It also guarantees an echo-free environment to make the recording process easy. All of these qualities help in reducing the background noises and also keeps the sound inside the room. The tiles are recommended to be used in theatres, recording studios, restaurants, offices and in any place where noise needs to be reduced. The customer reviews are mainly positive and most of them recommend the tiles as a great option.

4. Burdurry Sound Absorbing Panels

Burdurry offers basic sound-absorbing panels and are made of high quality and environment-friendly polyurethane foam. The brand claims that the panels are durable and long-lasting. They are an effective measure to reduce echoes, reverberations and reduce noise. The foam can dampen and diffuse the sound waves ranging from medium to higher frequencies. The panels can minimize interference from other sounds. This helps increase the clarity of the sound inside the room. The company recommends using the sound panels in concert halls, studios, home theatres and offices. The reviews indicate that the panels are quite thin. But they can block sound from transferring outside their rooms, making them a satisfactory option.

If you’re looking for more options and would like to check out our list of the best acoustic panels, you can read this article.

Benefits of Acoustic Paneling the Ceiling

Acoustic panels on the ceilings can provide your space with a multitude of benefits. We’ve outlined a few of them here.

Soundproof your room

Attaching acoustic panels can help block sound from dispersing to other rooms. The panels absorb the sound waves ranging from medium to higher frequencies. 

Improve sound quality

It can also improve sound quality and reduce the background noise within the room. Acoustic panels on the ceiling help with noise distribution in a room and allow the sound to dissipate through a larger surface area. Doing so reduces echoes, improves sound while also reducing reverberations.

New look

Most people also appreciate the different looks that they can achieve by attaching acoustic panels in the room. The various designs of acoustic panels can help revamp your surroundings. 

Affordable solution

In most cases, attaching acoustic panels to the ceilings or walls is also a much more affordable option than replacing the entire ceiling. Because of the various designs that you can get these panels in, panelling is a creative solution to help in soundproofing a room and changing its look as well.


Acoustic foam panels are a simple option to reduce sound waves from escaping your room. With a little preparation and attention, you can apply the panels to your ceiling and create a much more suitable environment according to your requirements. 

It is important to remember, to remain safe throughout the process as many things can go wrong. The panels can improve the soundscape and help you improve upon the work you do. In addition, you can get yourself some privacy and keep yourself free from the complaints of nearby residents or neighbours. 

So, if you follow the steps and remain diligent and patient throughout the process, you can easily soundproof your room and create an infinitely better sound experience for yourself, without disturbing anyone outside your four walls.