How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof A Car? (Detailed Cost Breakdown)

Traffic and engine noise can become pretty annoying if you’re someone who has to commute every day for long hours, or you just simply hate the distraction. Many people resort to soundproofing their cars, which is great if you don’t have to break the bank for it. 

Cost of soundproofing a car depends on three factors: 

  1. Size of the car
  2. Key problem areas/parts of the car you want to soundproof
  3. Level of soundproofing you require

Generally, to soundproof a car, you need to use sound deadening mats on the doors, floor, and roof with soundproof spray on the bonnet or trunk head. All this will cost you $600 to $800. 

It is important to know that soundproofing a car can take much more or much less than this, it has no standard set price. It’s a customized project which differs from person to person and car to car. This article covers the main areas you need to focus on and the average cost of getting them soundproof. 

How To Soundproof A Car?

Before you can make a realistic estimate of how much it will cost to soundproof a car, you should know how do you soundproof a car, what goes where, and what kinds of products do you need. 

Install Sound Deadening Mats On the Floor

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The floor of your car is in the closest proximity of its axles and wheels. All vibrations from the engine, tires, and structure travel straight through the floor and into the car. 

To reduce such undercarriage noise you need to use sound deadening mats on the floor. Sound damping mats are made from thick, durable, and absorbent material that will reduce resonance and structure-borne noise from the car. 

You can find tons of sound deadening mats in the market, but two of them stand out as the best ones – Dynamat and Damplifier Pro. Both of them have butyl rubber as their main component with foil constraint on one side and a sticky adhesive layer on the other side. 

You can either get pre-cut ones or a complete sheet that you can cut according to the need. Peel off the back, and stick the mat to the floor. And you are safe from amplified noise from the road and tires below. 

Insulate The Doors

Most cars have thin doors with minimal insulation in the cavities under the windows. A lot of noise in your car comes from the doors so you must insulate them. 

Again, you need a sound dampening material to soundproof the doors. The best choice for doors is a peel-and-stick soundproofing solution that is easy to install.  Locate all the screws and unscrew them on the interior of the door and measure exactly how much product you need. 

Noico is a great product with an easy, peel-able sticky back. Simply remove the back and stick the insulation down. Try to cover as much of the door’s surface as possible while taking care of all the components of the door. 

Make sure you are not obstructing the moving mechanisms of your door such as locks or windows. Once you cover the rest, reattach the interior panels of the door and secure all the screws back.

Insulate The Roof

Just like doors, the roof of cars is thin and barely insulated. You can block a considerable amount of airborne noise and heat/cold from entering the car by insulating its roof. 

Use a sound deadening mat with a peel-and-stick back for easy installation. Carefully remove the cloth liner from the roof without damaging any side. Measure the roof, cut the sound deadener to size. Wipe the surface of the roof with rubbing alcohol before applying the insulation to remove any dirt or debris. 

This will provide better and long-lasting adhesion. After applying the insulation, reapply the cloth headliner back to its place. 

Insulate The Trunk

Trunks need to be fully soundproofed as well. They can let in and amplify noise from tires, roads, and the body of the car. You need to apply sound dampening material on the bottom and sides of the trunk. 

Just like doors, roof and floor, use a high-density sound deadening mat, measure, cut, peel, and apply. You can also add carpets or large mats to further damp down the noise. 

Get New Tires

Tires could be one of the main culprits behind the noise in your car. Tires are the only part of your car that is touching the ground, you need to make sure they are the right size and type to not make extra vibrations or noise.

Tires need to keep your car at safe distance from the road. Get tires that have more rubber between the metal of the wheels to act as a cushion and mitigate noise. Tires should be narrow to have less contact area with the road for lesser vibrations. 

Car Soundproofing – Cost Breakdown 

The bigger your car is, the bigger your expense will be. Also, you might not want/need to soundproof all of the areas mentioned above. Maybe you’re just annoyed by the rattle and vibration of your trunk or maybe the doors sound “hollower” than they need to be. 

So, breaking down costs you would incur on soundproofing different parts of your car, considering you use average-priced products. 

  • Doors – $150
  • Floor – $83
  • Roof – $50
  • Trunk –  $70
  • Bonnet – $40
  • Tires – $20-$45 per tire

Again, these costs are just an average amount you can expect to spend on soundproofing these areas of your car. The real cost of soundproofing your car may be more or less than this.

Is Soundproofing A Car Worth The Money?

Soundproofing an average-sized car takes no more than $600 or $800. It’s a small area that can easily be soundproofed at a very affordable cost provided the issue is not as big as changing tires or brakes. 

But is it worth soundproofing a car? 

Yes! Sound insulation is recommended for all kinds of vehicles for a peaceful journey of its users.  High-quality soundproofing products can make a huge difference in the noise you hear inside a car. Dynamat is one of the most favored products for soundproofing cars. 

With just one layer of a sound deadener, you can decrease a considerable amount of noise from the engine, road, and people outside the car. This is especially beneficial for car owners who drive a diesel engine. These engines make a lot of noise and make soundproofing more of a necessity than a choice. 

Here are some benefits of soundproofing your car that show it’s totally worth it!

Benefits Of Soundproofing A Car

Starting with the most obvious one:

Peace And Quiet

Soundproofing mainly focuses on eliminating vibrations and rattling noise from the trunk and the engine of the car. Both areas are the key problem areas of any car. Soundproofing will eliminate noise from the tires, engine, road and will also enhance the quality of sounds emitted inside the car. 

There is no side-effect of soundproofing a car. In fact, it is a cheap way of enjoying the pleasant acoustic environment of a luxury car. If you’re a music enthusiast, you’d know the importance of an isolated car for clean and crisp sound results.  


Another factor that makes soundproofing worth all the money is the additional protection you get from heat and cold. 

Soundproofing is basically just increasing the amount of mass and density on areas that let sound inside the car or amplify the sound by vibrating. A damping product will trap air molecules inside till they dissipate their energy. 

And this saves the car from the heat in summers and cold in winters because cold or hot air from outside cannot pass into the car. 


Noise insulation products are also great at waterproofing. They are excellent for creating an airtight barrier that is almost completely impermeable for gases, solids as well as liquids. 

A single layer of soundproofing laid under the carpets of the car’s floor, inside the doors, roof, and trunk will do the job.

Better Concentration And Focus 

Driving a car requires the driver’s complete attention no matter how experienced they are. A loud cabin can be very distracting and a nightmare if you’re off on a long journey. 

Loud noises from the exhaust pipe, tires, endless stutters from the trunk or doors can also cause unnecessary anxiety while driving. It can divert your attention from the road and compromise your safety. A soundproof car eliminates all such issues and offers a peaceful environment where the driver can focus on the road ahead. 


It’s highly recommended that you consult a professional and pin down the areas that actually need soundproofing to block the extra noise from your car. Every car model is different with different noise levels and problems. Based on that, the cost of soundproofing a car also differs.

Unless you’re not soundproofing a big SUV, you can easily handle all areas of the car for under $1000. This includes soundproofing the roof, trunk, doors, and the floor with sound deadening mats.