7 Best Soundproof Wallpapers: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

In a bustling and fast-paced world where nothing is at a standstill, sometimes, you need a little peace and quiet. Instead of taking extreme measures, you’d buy a few soundproof wallpapers that give you the privacy and peace you deserve.

Soundproof wallpapers not only help to keep the noises out of your house or apartment but also helps to keep the noise within, which is a great factor when dealing with noisy neighbors. Trust me, you need all the help you can get when it comes to the privacy of your home. 

Mentioned below are 7 of the best soundproof wallpapers and panels found online that you can easily buy and apply in your very own home.  

Top Picks

Art3d texture 3D wall panels(Best overall)
– Fire-resistant
– Made from 3D PVC
– Easy to install
– High in quality 
DEKIRU Acoustic Panels(Runner up)– Unique hexagonal appearance
– Unscented, safe, and formaldehyde-free
– Flame resistant
– Made from polyester
Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panel
(Best budget option)
– Very soundproof 
– Harmless, unscented
– Made from 100% polyester fiber
– Fire-resistant

Best Soundproof Wallpapers

1. Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panel

When looking at the texture, you can say that wallpapers are uniquely designed and durable. The excellent texture shows high strength and tensile properties. At the same time, Art3d wallpapers can be placed in the living room, offices, and your apartment to quieten the noisy backgrounds.

The color palette consists of two colors, black and white, giving a classy appearance. There are 12 tiles, each of about 32 square feet, and size ranges from 19.7”x19.7”. The great thing about Art3d panels is that they are made from PVC, remarkably non-toxic and harmless.

The texture for Art3d panels is a diamond surface which provides resistance and strength for easy application. Another important feature is that it properly includes matt finish panels, which provide a lasting and soothing appearance. They weigh around 10.00 pounds; they can be applied according to your choice. You can trim and even paint over them for a different color appearance.

The price of this particular wallpaper could be considered a little expensive, but the material’s quality is guaranteed. You will not be disappointed by their soundproofing quality, texture, and design.


  • Light-weight
  • Fire-resistant
  • Highly echo proof
  • High density


  • A limited number of panels
  • Expensive
  • Hard to trim straight

2. DEKIRU Acoustic Panels 

Due to the different designs, the placement of acoustic panels is adjustable and can be provided according to your preference. The design is specifically hexagonal to give off a beautiful look. The size ranges from 14x13x0.4 inches.

Acoustic panels are thick in density, which includes a sound dampening effect and is effective in improving your surroundings. They are 5-8x denser, with a thickness of about 250kg/m3. When looking for the best noise blockers, keep in mind that the density should be high, which denotes that your surroundings will be noise-free if panels are thick. DEKIRU absorbs higher frequency noises. 

DEKIRU is 1ft across, which is a perfect size for the application. It is a hexagon design for about 7 inches each square foot.

It is presented in various colors, and the texture is smooth, which helps in absorbing the noise. Acoustic panels are an excellent choice for loud noises. 


  • Highly noise absorbent
  • Easy to apply
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from polyester fiber
  • High density, safe, and fire-resistant


  • Does not reduce the sound from your internal surroundings
  • Limited pieces as pieces in bulk are expensive

3. Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panel 

Being high in density, the thickness of panels is measured at around 230kg/m3. Some properties, including insulation, absorption, and echo blockage in nature, can be seen remarkably. Two types of sizes have been displayed, which are 12×12 and 16×12.

The noise-reducing coefficient is around 0.95. Absorption panels help in eliminating vibrations and have proved to be a great absorbent of noise. Rhino is eco-friendly and does not affect the environment. A B1 fire repellant is used in built-up products. Different colors, such as silver gray, dark gray, matte black, and royal blue, have been provided.

Constructed from light material, it weighs around 3.03 pounds only. Some qualities include compression and dampening of sounds. Just like copper is a good insulator of heat, these panels provide an insulating medium for noise and can easily block out loud noises and echo. 

Being non-hazardous, residential and commercial areas can make good use of acoustic absorption panels.


  • High in NRC, up to 40%
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Varies in affordability
  • Sharp noises can be muted
  • Easy to fit & trim


  • Does not provide coverage
  • Pricey
  • It may not work for all

4. Soundproof Padding Wall Panels  

Padding wall panels have no impact on the original wall on which they’re placed. It comes with additional 2-meter double side tape so that the wallpaper can stick easily.

It is guaranteed to work as a fire-repellant, also tested as a protecting agent for the environment, and said to be non-toxic plus odorless. The surface is easy to touch and provides a breathable environment. The noise produced inside the house can be blocked from going outside, but the same can not be said for outside noises. 

Padded panels can block up to 2000-5000Hz frequency originating noise inside an apartment, office, or studio. The average absorption coefficient value for soundproof wall panels is nearly 0.8, and the NRC (non-reducing coefficient) value is 0.94, making it a blocking barrier for the noises. 

Consists of several colors: silvery gray, black, white, and gray. This material is lightweight and weighs 2.93 pounds. It is made from fabric foam material which helps in the reduction of resonating noises. 


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Applicable ease
  • Easy to trim


  • Does not cover a large surface area
  • Only blocks noises from inside going outside 
  • Poor noise absorbent 
  • Does not provide comfort & peace

5. Acoustic  Studio Foam Wedges  

Foam wedges are made from dense foam; therefore, they are also known as acoustic foams. The sizes for them are 1x12x12. It consists of a medium that blocks noise pollution. The frequency could vary, and the noise would still be blocked against the barrier while providing a working agent against any interruption, echoes, background noise, etc. 

Acoustic foams are also an element of aesthetic look to the wall and radiance to the place they’re applied in. Foam wedges panels are packed in 12 sets and 52 sets. If the sound frequency is not very high, then 12 panels will work just fine, but if it is high, then a set of 52 is highly recommended as it works great as a noise blocker and helps reduce disruptive sounds and vibrations. 

Another quality of these wedges is flexibility and thin edges. They are lightweight and measure around 3.69 pounds, and the acoustic foams are firm and not easily damageable. The quality is long-lasting and durable. Acoustic foam wedges can be used in noisy studios, living rooms, and apartments. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easily applicable
  • High-frequency absorbent
  • Durable
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Non-fire repellant 
  • Pungent formaldehyde smell
  • Only blocks low-frequency noise most of the time
  • Requires small area and high coverage 

6. Acoustic Grid Studio Wall Panels

Acoustic grid wall panels are unique in texture, crafted with square pieces that contain gaps for open-air spaces. 

Building quality of the material is great in absorbing moderate frequencies, that is, medium to high. Grid panels are good sound blockers and come in handy for placements in public places, theaters, studios, and audio rooms. 

Along with being moderate in density, it varies in thickness around 1”/2.5 cm. Wall panels eradicate echo. They’re also generous in number and work effectively in cutting out unnecessary sounds from your surroundings. 

They’re efficient in blocking stagnant waves and vibratory echos, ranging from small to medium in frequency. The material used in making acoustic grid wall panels is polyurethane foam which is durable, flexible, and lasts longer.

The noise-reducing coefficient of these panels is about 0.8, which is a good value. However, being comparatively thin, the foam still looks somewhat dense, making sound blocking quality more effective. 


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Fire repellant


  • Can not absorb high frequencies
  • Difficult to apply
  • Does not come with a sticking surface

7. BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels 

 If you’re a fan of beautiful art, then these panels are definitely for you. The BUBOS art panels are exceptional and innovative, also a suitable replacement for acoustic foams, which give home offices and studios a boring appearance. Art panels bring out a lively infrastructure, a remarkably tremendous and calming view in your room, home, or any workplace.

This is the product for providing good quality sound absorption. For reducing vibrations and bass from outside, or if your neighbors are too noisy, these acoustic panels are highly recommendable. The wallpaper size is 72x48x0.4 inches;  art acoustic panels are available in various pieces and each with a different art texture. The texture is embossed and colorful. It comes with 3m VHB sticking tape, so applying is no hassle. 

Art panels act as good insulators of heat. Another quality includes long-lasting texture. The building material is eco-friendly and light in weight but perfect for doing the job of blocking out noises; it consists of antimicrobial, fungus, and mold-resistant properties. Some companies are incredible and provide a money-back guarantee to their customers, which is very appreciable. 

While presenting a high absorption property, about 90%, it adds a good value. This material is lightweight, around 2-3 pounds, and the NCR is around 0.8. Art panels can be applied by nailing in the wall; additionally, they are made with velcro strips on the surface to easily be attached to the wall. 


  • Artsy
  • Easily applicable 
  • Large in size
  • Heat insulator
  • Lightweight


  • Not fireproof
  • Expensive
  • Requires large coverage area
  • Only blocks noises if more number of panels are used
  • Does not come with adhesives

How to Choose the Best Soundproof Wallpaper

You need to consider some things when buying the best wallpaper for yourself.

Nature Of The Noise Factor

Before installing soundproof wallpapers, you should acknowledge the direction of the noise, whether it’s coming from your noisy neighbors or from outside. It is crucial to know the origin of distorted sound, and by understanding the source, you will also find ease in installing wallpapers. 

For instance, if you’re an influencer or a person who just needs some moments of peace without interruption from the outside world, you need to research and find the wallpaper that suits your preference. 

Density And The Noise-reducing Coefficient

When looking for the best soundproofing wallpapers, you should always see the thickness, which denotes the density. Search for a three-layered wallpaper for the best noise blocker quality from your external surroundings. If you do not wish to block the noises completely, then you need to consider the wallpaper with a moderate amount of layers that do the job. The density should be around 250kg/m3.

The noise-reducing coefficient, also known as NRC, is the value denoted for the amount of sound blocked by the wallpaper; the maximum value that has seen remarkable growth in the market is around 0.95.

Quality Of The Material

When looking for a wallpaper that best works for your peaceful environment, consider the quality of material the wallpaper is made from. Cheap quality wallpapers are not durable and may get damaged easily, while high-quality wallpapers are durable, flexible, and last longer. They could be a little pricey but assure the best quality and comfort according to your preference. 

The material should be able to block and absorb the noise simultaneously. The best sound-absorbing material for wallpaper is 100% polyester fibers, PVC, acoustic foams, and China foams. These are the best noise blockers for a serene and peaceful environment.


What is the use of soundproof wallpaper?

Wallpapers are mainly used for unique interior decor and give your home, office, or studio that beautiful and lively look. However, if you think that your environment is chaotic and noisy, you can add a feature. Install acoustic wallpapers to ensure better and quiet surroundings that improve your way of living. These wallpapers reduce echo and distractions that keep you from doing your tasks successfully. 

What is the best soundproofing material for wallpapers?

The soundproofing material should be mass-loaded vinyl wallpaper, PVC insulating panels, acoustic, and China foams. The best material is mass-loaded vinyl, which consists of maximum layers to block noise; this can be your first preference. It is easily available, but if you can’t find this material, your next choice can be PVC.

How can you block the sounds from across the wall?

You will be required to search for a material that can efficiently absorb the sounds. It depends on the intensity of sound; if you think it is bearable, then use a thin wallpaper that will do the job of blocking out the minimal sounds. Otherwise, if the sound frequency is high, you should choose wallpaper with heavyweight and density. 

What is the accuracy of soundproofing the walls?

If you think that wallpapers’ application will completely block out the noise from your surroundings, the answer is no; it won’t. However, they can help you in reducing the noise pollution factor. Whether it is construction work you’re frustrated from or any other type of noise. Soundproof wallpaper will manage to keep the noise in a bearable range.

What are the types of soundproof wallpaper?

There are various wallpapers such as faux brick wallpaper panels, ultra-high-density soundproofing wallpaper panels, acoustic soundproof wall panels, acoustic foam panels, and hexagonal wall tiles. You should choose a high-density material for high frequency, and it should have a maximum thickness to resist all sorts of sound effects. 

Are soundproof wallpapers worth the money?

Not only does it play a tremendous role in the unique interior decoration of your home, but it also gives you the advantage of blocking out the noises. It is easy to work with focus, enjoy a peaceful time, and be less stressed with these wallpapers. Having a goodnight’s sleep seems like a good enough reason to buy soundproof wallpapers. 


It can be a bit of a challenge when selecting between wallpapers, soundproof panels, and acoustic panels that help you block out noises. Depending on the amount, pitch, and frequency of noise you want to block, you can search and choose the best option according to your preference. 

When buying the best soundproofing wallpaper, you should always consider its density and quality. Some cheap and affordable wall panels may seem enticing, but you need to consider the above attributes. If you’re looking for the overall best quality panels, you should opt for Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panel. They’re durable and high in density while weighing around 10 pounds, making them quality sound-blocking wallpapers.