5 Best Soundproof Server Cabinet/Rack: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

If you leave work with no energy to even listen to someone, that’s not just because of tiredness or stress. Chances are your workspace is too noisy and causes listening fatigue. 

One of the main sources of noise in workspaces is IT hardware. Soundproofing server rooms can be costly and sometimes building structures do not allow it. However, one easy move can solve this noise problem — by placing the soundproof server cabinets or racks in the workspace.

Here, take a look at this carefully compiled list of the best soundproof server cabinets/racks for the workspaces and elsewhere.

Top Soundproof Server Cabinets Comparison

Here is a quick overview of our top recommendations for the best soundproof server racks and cabinets: 

Sysracks Quiet Server Cabinet
Compatible for almost all types of servers
2 built-in cooling fans
35-inch depth
Dampens the sound by 36%
2 latch locks
Mounting Hardware 4 casters
NavePoint 12U Server Cabinet
(Best Budget Option)
Security locks on the door and side panels 
One cooling fan17-inch depth
Glass window
Removable side panels
Mounting hardware
SPCC material
Tripp Lite Wall Mount Enclosure
Security locks on door and side panels 
One cooling fan
17-inch depth
Glass window
Removable side panels
Mounting hardware
SPCC material
Reasonable price

Best Soundproof Server Cabinets

Finding the right cabinet for servers that lessens the server noise and keeps it cool can be a challenging task. You have to make sure that the cabinet is properly ventilated, soundproof, or can be soundproof with the help of some insulation material. 

Here’s a list of the 5 best soundproof server cabinets or racks, that you can use in your server rooms to hush the workspace noise pollution:

1. Sysracks Quiet Server Cabinet – The Overall Best

The premium Sysracks quiet server cabinet tops our list for several reasons. This 35’’ depth soundproof server rack can help you decrease the noise by 36%. It is composed of both sound and heat insulation material. For heat exhaustion, Quiet Server uses 2 built-in fans for cooling and holes for ventilation.

This soundproof cabinet is compatible with almost any type of server and can be used in both; home workspaces or offices. The transparent glass window allows you to view inside without having to open it. Moreover, there is a front and a back door, both have a latch lock that keeps the doors tightly closed.

There is also a temperature sensory system in this soundproof server enclosure. You can easily move the rack with the help of its 4 casters. Mounting hardware is also available with the cabinet. However, because of the unclear instructions, you might find it a bit difficult to set up and mount this rack. 


  • Compatible for almost all types of servers
  • 2 built-in cooling fans
  • Holes for ventilation
  • Heat insulation
  • 35-inch depth
  • Dampens the sound by 36%
  • Glass window
  • Temperature sensor
  • Double latch locks
  • 4 casters
  • Wall mounting hardware


  • A bit tricky to set up 
  • Mounting is also difficult
  • Side panels aren’t removable

2. NavePoint 12U Wall Mount Server Cabinet – Best Budget Option

If you are looking for a soundproof server cabinet for small workspaces and home space, NavePoint 12U Server Cabinet is for you. It is the best budget option that provides great value for money. 12U of rack space and 17-inch depth makes it perfect to hold small devices and equipment like switches, modems, cabling systems, security cameras, etc.

The best thing about this soundproof box is the availability of three security locks, one for the door and two for the side panels. These locks protect your IT equipment from theft, and if you have pets who get too playful around this sort of stuff then it’s also helpful in that aspect. 

Moreover, the locks on side panels allow for the quick opening of the cabinet. For ventilation, there is only one cooling fan that might not be enough for some devices. However, it has the capacity for the inclusion of an extra fan. Cold-rolled steel is used in its manufacture, which gives it more durability.

As a word of caution before buying NavePoint 12U is that, at this price, you must not expect the same level of soundproofing as some of the other cabinets on the list.


  • Security locks on door and side panels 
  • One cooling fan
  • 17-inch depth
  • Glass window
  • Removable side panels
  • Mounting hardware
  • SPCC material
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited soundproofing capability
  • Difficult to set up

3. Tripp Lite Wall Mount Enclosure – The Runner-up

The Tripp Lite Wall Mount Enclosure is the second-best option for soundproof cabinets. You can go with either mounting the cabinet or can use casters to make it movable. Therefore, it is most appropriate for use at marts, classrooms, office meeting rooms, and other saturated spaces.

The Tripp Lite enclosure has 6U rack space that can bear up to 200 pounds of weight. Its tough and durable structure is made up of cold-rolled steel. The best thing about this soundproof box is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. Therefore, if you want to buy this one, you should not be hesitant, at least regarding its durability.

Another great thing about this soundproof server closet is that it is hassle-free to set up as you will get it all assembled. For ventilation purposes, this cabinet uses perforated doors and side panels. However, there is no cooling fan in the cabinet which can result in heating up of the IT equipment.


  • Suitable for retail shops, schools, office meeting rooms, etc.
  • 200 lbs weight bearing capacity
  • 5-year warranty
  • 6U rack space
  • Perforated side panels and door
  • Removable side panels
  • Cold rolled steel structure
  • Both casters and mounting hardware are available


  • No cooling fan
  • Only suitable for small devices

4. StarTech Server Rack Cabinet – Best Mid-range Option

StarTech server rack cabinet is a mid-range option for soundproofing your server rooms. Having 22U space and 32.7’’ depth, this server rack can store up to 1768 pounds of your server room accessories. Moreover, you can also adjust an extra device on top of the cabinet because of the availability of the cable ports. 

This soundproof server closet has 2 doors, the front one has a perforated glass window giving you easy monitoring access. The backdoor is of mesh and side panels have a rapid-release system that makes the adjusting of cables and devices much easier.

Since the sides, top, and ceiling are perforated for ventilation, it cannot provide complete reduction of noise, and it is not much effective for soundproofing. Moreover, there is no cooling fan in the cabinet which increases the chance of the device being heated up.


  • 1768 lbs weight bearing capacity
  • Casters available
  • 22U rack space
  • 32.7-inch depth
  • Reversible front and rear doors
  • Removable side panels
  • Perforated glass window
  • Locks for doors and side panels
  • Cable ports on top and bottom


  • Cannot be mounted on wall
  • No cooling fan
  • Not much effective for soundproofing

5. NavePoint 15U Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet – Best for Network Servers

Likewise, NavePoint’s 12U server cabinet is the most budget-friendly option, the 15U wall mount network server cabinet is another remarkable option for you. Though it is a bit more expensive than the 12U server cabinet, it provides great features. This soundproof server rack is best for network servers.

One unique feature of NavePoint server cabinets is the availability of security locks, not just for doors, but also for sides. It makes your IT equipment secure and tightly locked. Moreover, the removable sides make the wiring management hassle-free.

Like most of the server cabinets, this one will also need to be assembled. It is going to involve hard work, especially if you are mounting the cabinet. Another paradoxical downside of this cabinet is the noisy fans. Though not particularly loud, its fans’ noise can irritate people working in the room.


  • Best for network servers
  • Security locks for doors and panels
  • Front glass window door
  • 2 cooling fans
  • Removable side panels
  • 130 lbs weight bearing capacity
  • Casters and wall mounting hardware available
  • 15U storage space 


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Slightly noisy fans

How To Choose The Right Soundproof Server Racks

If you are going to buy a soundproof server rack or cabinet for your home or office workspace, there are few things that you must consider before buying one. These are size, locking capability, and ventilation mechanism.


Size matters the most when it comes to selecting the right server boxes. For this, you must consider how many servers or devices you want to stack in the cabinet. Also, consider the size of these devices, and then select the server cabinet accordingly.

Keep in mind that you must have a cabinet that is 5-7 inches larger than the servers. This will prevent the devices from getting stuck in the cabinet and there will be enough space left for ventilation.

Locking Capabilities

Locking is another aspect that you cannot ignore while choosing a server cabinet. Locks on doors and side panels not only help in keeping your IT equipment safe but keeping them tightly closed will also help for soundproofing.

The server cabinets come with various types of locks. Most common among them are the latch locks. Other than that, there are keyless security locks too, that deny access to others. NavePoint’s 12U Wall Mount Server Cabinet and 15U Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet are good options if you want a server cabinet with security lock.


Apart from being noisy, there is the issue of heating up of IT equipment. Therefore, a proper ventilation mechanism for the server cabinet is a must. For ventilation most of the server closets usually have perforated sides, ceilings, bottom, and glass windows. Others use one or two cooling fans along with a few holes on the front glass for the circulation of the air.

One thing about the soundproof server enclosures you must know is, they only lessen the loudness, do not remove it completely. Since perforated cabinets provide ways of escaping to the sound waves, they might not be as effective for soundproofing. Therefore, we recommend using a server cabinet with cooling fans.

How to soundproof a server cabinet?

If you want to build your own quiet equipment rack then you would firstly require material like quality wooden planks, nails, screws, hinges, and window glass (optional) for the basic structure of the cabinet. Then you would need to mass this structure to make it soundproof. You can use MLV sheets, rubber sheets, or soundproofing foams to make the structure denser. Moreover, for sticking the material use soundproofing sealants.

What material can block sounds in server racks?

If you are building your own soundproof server rack, you might consider using insulation material like plywood, acoustic foams, MLV, rubber sheets, soundproofing mats, underlayments, soundproofing sealants, or Green Glue for blocking the sound.

Are enclosed soundproof server racks worth buying?

Yes, absolutely. Building an acoustic server rack on your own can be both time-consuming and costly. And it might not perfectly control the server noise. Therefore, buying a noise-canceling server rack is a better and easier way to soundproof server room.

Final Thoughts

Noisy IT equipment makes the workspaces quite draining for the employees. Installing soundproof server cabinets is one simple and effortless way of noise reduction from server rooms. We did a thorough research of some of the best soundproof server cabinets available in the market and picked the top 5.

We recommend going for Sysracks Quiet Server Cabinet which is a bit expensive but reduces the sound by 36%. If you want a budget-friendly one then go for NavePoint 12U Wall Mount Server Cabinet that comes with a 5-year warranty. And if your requirement is to place it in a crowded place like classrooms, meeting rooms, or marts then Tripp Lite Wall Mount Enclosure can be a good option.