10 Best Soundproof Noise Reducing Curtains: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

When you live in a bustling city, you are most likely to hear a lot of what goes on outside your home. A pair of soundproof curtains can help you take a break from the distracting hustle and bustle. 

Whether you are trying to sleep, have a conversation, or trying to get some work done, the annoying outside noise makes it quite difficult. But a good set of soundproof curtains handles the situation pretty well. They absorb the different sounds to completely eliminate the quieter ones while muffling the louder noises.

This guide lists and reviews the 10 best soundproof noise-reducing curtains. It also explains some features to look for and a FAQ section to answer your questions. 

Top Picks For Best Soundproof Noise Reducing Curtains 

Product Features Link
NICETOWN High-End Soundproof Curtains
(Best overall) 
Set of two panels
84″ * 52″
Constructed with triple weave blackout fabric
Rose Home Fashion 100% Blackout Curtains
(Runner Up) 
Machine washable
105″ * 50″
Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains
(Best Budget Option) 
84″ * 42″
Pack of two panels
Smooth and elegant
Silky touch 

Best Soundproof Curtains

1. NICETOWN High-End Soundproof Curtains

The NICETOWN High-End Soundproof Curtains are specially designed noise-blocking curtains that absorb both indoor and outdoor noise. The set of two drapes features a blended polyester construction that is soft to touch. Sewn with two layers of fabric, these noise-reducing curtains are also great at blocking sunlight.

You can choose these soundproof drapes from a wide range of colors. Black, dark blue, grey, or coral, just name the color and you’ve got it. But do keep in mind that all the colors have the same black liner for better light blocking.

Another notable feature of NICETOWN High-End Soundproof Curtains is their heaviness. The triple weave technology makes them both dense and heavy for better noise absorption. 

You’ll also appreciate their ease of installation and maintenance. Each drape features silver-colored metal grommets that you can pass through the rod to put the curtains up. Plus, these curtains are machine washable too. 


  • Affordable and inexpensive 
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Silver-colored metal grommets for casual elegance
  • Double layers absorb two times more noise
  • Safe to wash in a washing machine 


  • All colors feature a black liner 

2. RYB HOME Noise – Blackout – Thermal Insulated Long Curtains

The RYB HOME Noise – Blackout – Thermal Insulated Long Curtains are beautifully designed soundproof curtains that reduce noise with their three-layered construction. The front and back layers are both 100% healthy polyester. The high-density fabric absorbs light and also acts as a thermal insulator to keep excess heat and cold outside. 

Their middle layer is a black felt liner that effectively absorbs loud sounds to reduce their noise. It is attached to the actual curtain with sticky straps. You can remove it when you want. 

You can choose to purchase these RYB curtains in six different colors and four varying sizes. The felt liner for all shades remains the same i.e. black. It is safe to wash the curtains in a washing machine, but you should remember to detach the liner first. 

These noise reducing curtains are also very easy to hang up. RYB has equipped them with 1.6 inches diameter silver grommets. All you have to do is line the grommets up and put the rod through. Thereafter, put the rod up and arrange the curtains. 


  • Three-layered fabric construction
  • Black felt liner for noise reduction 
  • The detachable liner can be removed when not needed 
  • The 1.6 inches diameter silver grommets facilitate the installation 
  • Made with 100% healthy polyester 


  • Felt liner is not machine washable

3. Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains

While the Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains have made it to our top budget pick, it is not the only aspect they excel at. These soundproof curtains are made with blended polyester fabric that is smooth and soft to touch. Being solid and completely opaque, they look nice with any decor. 

Their primary function is to reduce noise, but these Dencovo curtains are also great for thermal insulation and light blocking. For this purpose, the three-layered construction features a high-density material in between the outer fabric layers. They block light, prevent heat exchange, and dampen the noise to create a peaceful indoor atmosphere in your space. 

We like them for their ease of installation and cleaning. You can choose between the three hanging styles – rod pocket, back loops, or with your own clip-rings. They are also machine wash safe, so you can wash them on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. It is also safe to dry-clean them.


  • Material is thick and high-quality 
  • Effectively absorb outside commotion and furor 
  • Smooth and elegant with a silky touch 
  • Double up as thermal and blackout drapes 
  • Come with two curtain back ties


  • Black liner peeks through the edges in lighter colors 

4. Rose Home Fashion Natural Linen Look Curtains

Rose Home Fashion Natural Linen Look Curtains are a stylish option to add a luxurious appeal to your home. These elegant and practical curtains are entirely made out of 100% pure polyester fabric. Yet, they replicate the look of burlap and lovely linens, giving them a vintage look. 

These sound reducing curtains are double layered. The top layer is both thick and insulated enabling it to keep both the heat and noise out. The second layer is a white liner designed to block daylight and ensure your privacy. 

They are available in four sizes and six different tones. The material is rich and the faux burlap feel appears completely authentic. Yet, with their pure polyester construction, they are an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer organic materials. 

We like their natural look and feel. Anyone who doesn’t know better can mistake these drapes for the real burlap. 


  • Safe to machine wash in cold water 
  • You can choose to dry them on a low setting 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Replicate an authentic linen look
  • Impressive natural texture and feel 


  • May give off a strong chemical smell upon arrival, which goes away after a wash 

5. HLC.ME 100% Complete Full Blackout Lined Drapery

If you want a classic, no-frills curtain set to soundproof your room, the HLC.ME 100% Complete Full Blackout Lined Drapery has everything you need. The set of two curtain panels features a solid design with 100% pure polyester fabric construction. Each of these is a two-ply structure featuring a colored front and a white liner. 

Now, while most noise-reducing curtains either feature same colored back or a black one, the HLC.ME curtains stand out with their white liner. Most people avoid double-layered curtains because the black back absorbs a lot of heat. On the contrary, the white liner in this curtain set deflects both heat and light. 

HLC.ME back their product with tremendous after-sales support. The curtain set comes with a money-back guarantee. Plus, they promise to resolve any issues you may encounter within 24 hours. 


  • Double layered drapes effectively reduce noise 
  • Feature a sturdy and heavy-duty polyester fabric construction 
  • Each panel is equipped with eight sturdy metal grommets 
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Keeps out noise, light, heat, and cold 


  • Color choice is limited 

6. BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

The biggest selling point of BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom is their affordable price and lightweightedness. They are crafted using the Innovative Triple-Weaved Textured Microfiber Blackout Fabric. There is no liner because the fabric itself is excellent for effectively blocking the outside noise.

They come as a set of two panels, each featuring six silver grommets for easy hanging and smooth sliding. You can find them in 22 different colors and 11 sizes of varying dimensions. 

Unlike other soundproof curtain models on this list, these curtains are pretty lightweight. Their material is very silky and soft to touch. Plus, there is no chemical off-gassing that is common in most noise and light-blocking curtains.


  • Available in many colors and sizes 
  • Fabric is soft and comfortable 
  • Metal grommets enable smooth sliding 
  • Safe for tumble drying on low temperatures
  • Triple weave technology makes them dense 


  • Verified customers complain about difference in color

7. MIUCO Room Darkening Solid Grommet Blackout Curtains

Whether you want noise-reducing curtains for your living room or the bedroom, MIUCO Room Darkening Solid Grommet Blackout Curtains come in a wide range of sizes and color options to choose from. They feature a double-layered design with the same color front and back. The overall blended polyester fabric construction also adds to their durability and sturdiness. 

These noise-reducing curtains are said to prevent around 60% of the outside noise from entering your room. The two-ply fabric absorbs both the noise and light while providing thermal insulation to prevent heat exchange between your home and outdoors. Their insulation feature helps you save up to 30% on energy bills. 

We also like them for their low maintenance. MIUCO Room Darkening Solid Grommet Blackout Curtains are machine washable, and you can also tumble dry them at low settings. Simply hanging them up for some time will remove the wrinkles, but you can warm iron them, if you are in a hurry. 


  • Simple, sleek, and stylish 
  • Made using high-quality fabric 
  • Sewing is exquisite
  • Hem features MIUCO Creative Designed weights for better hanging
  • Two back ties included 


  • Verified customers complain about receiving wrong sizes 

8. RYB HOME Room Divider Curtains

RYB HOME Room Divider Curtain is a well-crafted, durable, and robust unit from a respected manufacturer. Even with its one-ply construction, the room divider curtain absorbs the noise from both ends and prevents it from crossing over to the other side. You can use it to divide and organize your living space in a harmonious manner while also helping to soundproof the area. 

The curtain is made using high-quality and durable polyester fabric material. RYB Home has woven it using triple weave technology for a denser and softer appearance. It is thick and heavy and offers maximum sound blocking if installed correctly. 

It is available in 15 different shades in both classic and modern palettes. There are also 14 varying sizes to choose from, but most colors are only available in limited sizes so you might face some difficulty in finding the right size and color combination for yourself. 


  • Comes as a single wide curtain 
  • High-quality blended polyester fabric provides effective noise blocking 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Available in vibrant color choices 
  • Easy to clean and wash


  • There is a shortage of sizes in some colors 

9. Best Home Fashion Basic Curtains

These single layer soundproofing curtains from Best Home Fashion are great at keeping both light and noise out. They feature an innovative triple weave fabric that blocks noise and sound while creating an insulating barrier to prevent heat exchange. They keep your living space calm, quiet, and comfortable. 

Best Home Fashion Basic Curtains feature a versatile back tab and rod hanging design. You can choose to hang these in any of the two styles.  There are no grommets, but their lack also contributes to the overall blackout effect. 

Since they are made with 100% pure polyester fabric, you can safely wash the pair in the washing machine. Just run a cold cycle with a mild detergent to remove the dirt and stains. Tumble drying on low-temperature settings is also possible. 


  • Made with 100% pure polyester 
  • Back tab and rod pocket hanging styles add to their versatility 
  • Heavy and nice-looking 
  • Silky and soft to touch
  • Innovative triple-weave construction helps block out annoying outside noise


  • There are no curtain ties 

10. H.VERSAILTEX Store Linen Blackout Curtains

Here is another soundproof curtain option from a well-known manufacturer, H.VERSAILTEX. Like their name, the H.VERSAILTEX Store Linen Blackout Curtains are a versatile set of drapes that keep intruding noises out of your home. 

They are made with blended polyester material whose interwoven construction replicates a faux linen look. It creates a natural blackout effect and also absorbs loud noises to dampen their impact. 

These noise-reducing curtains are pretty straightforward and hassle-free to maintain. You can wash them in a washing machine for cleaning purposes. The manufacturer also approves tumble-drying on low as well as warm ironing when necessary. 

We loved the way H.VERSAILTEX backs its product. It offers an eight years quality warranty coverage as well as 30 days satisfaction money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. 


  • Made with elegant, rich faux linen textured fabric 
  • Solid-hued linen drapes add a classic touch to your living space 
  • Come with an eight-year quality warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Hang and slide on the rod easily 
  • Equipped with eight gorgeous copper metal grommets 


  • Some customers complain about receiving stained curtains 

Buying Guide For Best Soundproof Noise Reducing Curtains

A simple search for soundproof curtains yields an abundance of products. Yet choosing the right set for your needs is not as simple. In this section, we have identified the important features that you should look for. Have a look! 


The materials used in creating the soundproof curtains determine both their appearance and performance. The more fibrous the material is, the more sound it absorbs. Velvet, suede, and 100% pure polyester are great options for you to consider. 

The weave also determines how dense the curtain fabric is. Most soundproof noise-reducing curtains are made with triple-weave fabric which makes them denser and more effective. 

When choosing between different options, judge the curtains based on their thickness and texture. A thick, fibrous curtain absorbs louder sounds better than a smooth, thin one. 


Since their primary purpose is to cover a window or doorway, you should always measure the space beforehand. This way, you will know what size curtains to get. 

Oftentimes, the different soundproof curtain models may appear to have the exact dimensions in pictures, they usually have a few inches difference amongst them. Plus, they also come cropped in smaller sizes or a bigger one, designed to function as a room divider.

Knowing the window, door, or wall space measurements helps you find the curtains in an appropriate size. 


If you are confused between two soundproof curtain models, go for the one which is heavier. A heavier curtain absorbs both light and sounds better than a lighter one. It keeps your space quiet and dim. 

However, you shouldn’t neglect the weight capacity of the curtain rod too. Where a pair of light curtains weighs a mere 2 pounds, a set of noise-reducing curtains can weigh as high as 8 pounds, sometimes even more. Make sure that your curtain rod can support the weight otherwise you risk bending it or the rod may collapse under all the extra weight. 


Although the color of soundproof curtains does not affect their performance, it does affect the appearance of your space. For example, brown curtains won’t look so great in a grey room. So it’s important to choose a color that compliments the decor and improves the room’s overall look.

After you have decided on a particular product, check its color variations and choose the one that coordinates with your room’s aesthetic. It is better to choose a shade that either blends or contrasts with the room design. 

Installation and maintenance 

Although most soundproof curtain sets are pretty easy to install, you should preview the manufacturer’s installation directions. This way you’ll understand the installation process and decide whether you want to hire professional help or not.

Similarly, reading the manufacturer’s direction also helps you determine how much care and maintenance a specific model requires. Since their maintenance usually revolves around cleaning, you should look for machine-washable drapes. They are easier to care for than the ones which require dry-cleaning. 


Do soundproof curtains really reduce noise?

Yes, soundproof curtains really reduce the outside noise coming into your house. They absorb the different sound frequencies, dampening them and providing you complete isolation. That too, without you needing to reconstruct the room. 

What makes soundproof curtains soundproof?

A soundproof curtain is thick, heavy, and tightly woven. It runs from the ceiling to the floor and extends a few inches past the window to create a seal around its edges. The seal prevents the sound waves from passing through while the denser material absorbs them for the soundproofing effect. 

Do blackout curtains block noise?

While blackout curtains are also thick and tightly woven, they are essentially designed to keep the light out. By blocking the sunlight, they prevent excess heat from burdening your HVAC system. However, they do very little in terms of soundproofing. They can absorb echoes but are not ideal to reduce noise.

Can I soundproof my existing curtains?

It is possible to soundproof your existing curtains, but you will have to add a few extra layers of fabric. Ideally, the material you use should be tightly woven and dense. The curtains should cover the entire length of the wall from ceiling to roof and go a few inches beyond the window edges to create a seal that prevents the noise from going through.


Soundproof curtains are an easy and inexpensive way of keeping unwanted noise outside. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reducing both indoor and outdoor noise while adding to the overall appeal of your space. But since the range is enormous and varying, it is entirely natural to get confused.

After carefully assessing the different models currently available on the market, we believe NICETOWN High-End Soundproof Curtains to be the best soundproof noise-reducing curtains. Made using quality materials and stitching, this pair of curtains is excellent for absorbing both light and sound. 

Lastly, if you want to purchase budget-friendly soundproof curtains, look into getting the Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains