7 Best Soundproof Door Sweeps: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Sound waves can travel through the tiniest gaps. Thus the big spaces between your door and the floor are a treat for them. This not only disturbs others but also makes you feel uncomfortable. Previously, people used to stuff towels and clothes to plug the gap, which was not only ineffective but also gave a messy look. 

The only foolproof solution to this problem is a soundproof door sweep. These rubber seals or draft stoppers fill in the space and avert the noises from going back and forth. They are not only 100% effective but also create a private and pleasant personal space. Also, the soundproof door sweeps have some extra perks. They prevent the light from entering and give a more polished and sophisticated look to the room.     

But how to decide which soundproof door sweeps are the best? Well, here are the top 7 to be chosen from.  

Top Picks for Best Soundproof Door Sweeps

Here are our top picks for the best soundproof door sweeps:

Decorealm Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper
(Best Overall)
– Heavyweight
– Available in 6 colors 
– Double hanging cords
– Washable cover 
– Sophisticated design 
– Filled with ceramic beads 
– Available in 3 sizes 
– Wool/polyester blend herringbone fabric 
MAXTID Door Draft Stopper
(Runner Up)
– Adjustable 
– Compatible with all floor types
– Available in 4 sizes
– Hook and Loop design for easy adhesion
– Easy to remove 
Suptikes Door Draft Stopper
 (Best Budget Option)
– Suitable for all door types
– Strong and firm adhesion
– Available in silicon
– 3 layer design
– Water-resistant
– Covers up to the 1-inch gap 

Best Soundproof Door Sweep

1. Decorealm Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper

The soundproof door sweep by Decorealm is the best among all. Despite being expensive, the extraordinary quality makes it worth every penny. It not only reduces noise and sounds but also blocks air and smell from outside. Moreover, a pleasant atmosphere is created as the door stopper maintains the temperature by protecting from hot and cold air. 

The ceramic bead-filled stopper weighs 3.5 lbs which not only keeps it in place but also increases the ability to withstand pressure. Besides that, the extra-long design and cylindrical shape also secure it in position. 

The herringbone cover blends with the interior and gives a sleek and stylish touch to the door sweep. Adding on, it comes with a zipper so that you can remove the filler and wash it easily.  Likewise, the satin hanging loops make it easier to be carried around and hang on any hook. 

The classy range of colors including charcoal black, blush pink, mocha brown, etc., definitely grabs attention. Moreover, its availability in three sizes i.e. 30, 32, or 36-inch length increases its versatility to be used in windows and sliding doors as well. 

Lastly, the storage box is not only eye candy but also worthy enough to be gifted to someone who has discussed their noise problem with you. 


  • Stays in place 
  • Colors for all interiors
  • Easy storage and handling
  • Washable cover 
  • Sophisticated design  
  • 3 sizes for different doors 
  • Wool and polyester blend fabric stays clean


  • Expensive 

2. MAXTID Door Draft Stopper 

Maxtid door sweep is an instant solution for soundproofing. It is a one-sided door draft that fits perfectly and plugs a gap as big as 1.3 inches. To match and merge doors of all colors it is available in four basic shades, black, brown, gray, and white.   

In addition, the 4 different lengths of  30, 32, 34, and 36 inches allow you to put it on doors of all sizes. In case the size exceeds you may buy two and cut them to the desired length. Also, the floor material is never a concern as it is compatible with glass, wood, tiles, and almost all floorings. 

The velcro tape makes the installation process much easier and faster without the fear of not staying in place. Due to the strong adhesive, it stays in position for the longest time, thus remains a practical and economical option for many. 

When placed properly it reduces the noises to a noticeable extent and you may achieve better results by placing two of the door sweeps on either side of the door. Along with the sound, it also keeps the unwanted light and insects out making it an all-rounder. 


  • Adjustable for all door sizes 
  • Compatible with all floor types
  • Hook and Loop design for easy and strong adhesion


  • The foam may come off
  • Scrape off paint when removed 

3. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

The 2″ Width x 39″ Length door sweep is one of the most reasonable options that provide desirable results in no time. It can fill gaps up to 1 inch and prevent sounds at least 5 times better than other door sweeps available in the market. 

The best thing about Suptikes door sweep is its compatibility with all types of doors thus allowing it to be used on sliding mirrors, basement doors, cabinets, and much more. It is effective in blocking air, odor, and insects too. 

Furthermore, the strong adhesion makes it suitable for both interior and exterior use despite the hot and cold air. Also, the silicon material makes it water-resistant and increases the life of the door sweep. 

The three-layer design makes it ideal for soundproofing, especially when a cheaper option is needed for rental apartments with noisy corridors. Adding on, the installation process is simple and you need to follow only 4 simple steps. The self-adhesive tape adds to its plus points. 


  • Suitable for all door types
  • Strong and firm adhesive
  • Silicon makes it moisture resistant
  • 3 layer design reduce noise up to 5 times 
  • Covers gaps up to 1 inch 
  • Economical


  • Color is translucent and lets lights through it
  • Can not stand the heat for long and may wear off 
  • Rodents may bite into it

4. Sewens Twin Door Draft Stopper

The door sweep manufactured by Sewens does a perfect job of soundproofing any noisy place. Certainly, the twin in its name is self-explanatory of how it provides double protection by covering gaps on both sides of the door. 

Besides that, it also keeps the cold and hot air out and maintains the temperature of the room. The cloth cover makes sure that it does not leave scratches or marks on any flooring such as wood, linoleum, tile, or carpet. 

The foam tube is removable and can be cut into the desired size so that it fits all doors without any hassle. In addition, as the filling is removable you can easily wash the cover making the Sewens door sweep a reusable and eco-friendly option.  

Be it the front door, back door, garage entry door, or even any window, the door sweep sticks to the bottom and fills gaps up to 1.5 inches. Also, the cotton/polyester cover is waterproof and thus withstands moisture and stains. 

It is only the installation process that is a little tricky. In case you fail in taking proper measurements or cutting the foam to the appropriate size, it will keep moving out of place. 


  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Ecofriendly
  • Washable cover
  • Easily cut to fit doors 
  • Filling and cover is water resistant
  • Suitable for all floor types 
  • Double sides give double protection 


  • Does not have proper grip and moves from place
  • Has a complex assembling process 

5. BAINING Door Sweep

Just like all other door sweeps it can also block sounds, light, air, and bugs. But what makes it different is the 3 layer system which increases its ability to block the three mentioned before. The silicone material is flexible and allows the door sweep to move with the door reducing the chances of it wearing off. 

Also, the strong adhesive tape increases the service life and sticks to all kinds of surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, etc. The silicon-rubber door sweep moves swiftly over all floorings without leaving any scratches.

When you purchase it you get a 39 inches long door draft which can be easily cut by the buyer to perfectly fit the preferred door or window. In addition, the air-tight seal keeps cold or hot air inside whenever the air conditioning or heater is working. Thus making it energy-efficient as well as worth the money. 

Door sweep by Baining is essential for everyone who lives in a noisy environment or wants to create a private and personal space for themself. It not only blocks dirt, dust, and sound but also keeps away your worries.  


  • Cut to fit doors of all sizes
  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Compatible with all floor and door types 
  • 3 layer system 
  • Silicone increases durability 
  • Waterproof 


  • The adhesive tape is not easy to remove and leave back marks
  • Cleaning is a problem 

6. Fowong 38″ Heavy Door Draft Stopper

The door sweep by Fowong is available in the three basic colors, brown, gray, and white, thus blends with the interior of most of the houses and keeps up with the aesthetics. Its availability in 30, 36, and 38 inches allows it to fit doors of variable sizes. 

The polyester wadding and glass bead fillers, both give extra strength to the door sweep in protecting from noise and keeping away air and bugs. Also, the hook and loop strip increases its durability and keeps it in place. 

Adding on, the hanging cords make it easier for you to hang it anywhere and keep it safe when not in use. The cover can also be taken off and washed to keep the door sweep clean and give a sophisticated look whenever people visit you. 

For people who love to keep their houses well decorated, Fowong door sweep is a perfect option considering its decorative sofa cloth covering. Lastly, the soundproof cotton reduces the noise to a considerable level. 


  • Washable cover
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Hanging loops for easy handling 
  • Made of thick polyester
  • Glass beading filling can be removed 
  • Stays in place due to weight 


  • Not as heavy as Decorealm Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper
  • May leave a little gap below 

7. Upgrade Door Draft Stopper

The upgrade in its name is because the company notched up the quality of the door sweep. They not only made it double-sided for increased efficiency but also expanded its size so that it may plug a gap as big as 2 inches. 

The door sweep can easily be cut and adjusted to different sizes between 32 to 36 inches so that you can put it on all your doors and windows. Also, it is compatible with all floorings including tiles, wood, vinyl, and carpet and thus keeps them safe from any marks. 

As it seals the large gap, nothing can cross from beneath the door. Be it loud sounds, light, air, or unwanted guests like bugs. The barrier is waterproof and so suitable for exterior use as well, especially in extra noisy apartments. 

The velcro tape sticks to the bottom of the door but still does not provide strong adhesion and you might need to adjust it again and again.  


  • Foam tubes can be cut to the desired size
  • Washable and reusable cover 
  • Suitable for all floor types 
  • Safe for kids and pets 
  • Can be moved around easily


  • Lightweight thus moves out of place 
  • Complex installation procedure

Buying Guide for Best Soundproof Door Sweep

To ensure you buy the best door sweep for soundproofing you need to keep the following in mind before making a purchase: 

Type of Door Sweep 

Foremost, you need to look at the type of door sweep and whether it is suitable for you or not. Door sweeps are categorized into two broad types and each comes with its pros and cons. These are;

  • Adhesive Door Sweep 

They come with a strong adhesive tape which gives an airtight seal as it sticks to the door directly. This increases its ability to reduce noise and keep the door sweep in place when the door is moved back and forth. 

However, once you place an adhesive door sweep it would not come off easily and is likely to scrape off paint if you try removing it. Also, it may not stand strong in extreme weather as the glue may lose its stickiness.

  • Non-Adhesive Door Sweep

In comparison to the above, non-adhesive door sweeps do not come with any glue or velcro tape. They are easy to install as you just need to slide them under the door and they stay in place through their weight. In addition, they plug the gap from both sides of the door and thus work for both the interior and exterior. 

Nevertheless, they can easily slip out of position if the movement of the door is fast or they are not heavy enough. Also, they do not fit as perfectly as others.  

Size Of Door And Width Of Gap 

The main purpose of a soundproof door sweep is to fill the gap that lets sound through. So it is important to make sure that the door sweep fits perfectly. Subsequently, it is necessary that you correctly measure the length of the door and the width of the gap. 

Tally the measurements with the door sweep you are going to purchase to buy what matches the size and fills in the gap accurately. In case the door sweep is short or does not plug the gap, it will be a waste of money.


Are door sweeps effective for soundproofing? 

Undoubtedly, door sweeps are one of the most effective ways of soundproofing any noisy place. They plug the minutest gap which was letting sound waves travel through before the installation of the door sweep. Moreover, the 3 layer design or the filling of the door sweep also helps by either averting the sound waves or absorbing them. 

What should be the material of the soundproof door sweep?

The material of the soundproof door sweep should be taken into consideration for three things: material of the door, type of flooring, and durability. Everyone wishes that their door sweep lasts for the longest time without damaging the floor or the door. So always look for material that is compatible with wood, tile, glass, metal, almost everything. Also, ensure that it is durable and resistant to pressure and weather conditions.  

Does a door sweep reduce noise?

Not all door sweeps are effective in absorbing the noise. You must select a door sweep that carries soundproofing properties. The right one can help you successfully block the minutest gap which was letting sound waves travel through before the setup of the door sweep. Moreover, the three-layer design or the filling of the door sweep also helps by either averting the sound waves or absorbing them.

Can you use a door sweep with carpet?

An automatic door sweep makes an appropriate choice for the doors that cross carpets to combat the rubbing and wearing process. The sweep functions by automatically plugging the gap between the base of the door and your carpeted floor when it is closed or at rest. Upon detecting motion, the door sweep rises to avoid contact with the carpet while it moves across it.

Should a door sweep touch the floor?

Yes, ridding of unnecessary gaps is what the point of a door sweep is. While it is significant to make sure that the space between the threshold of the door and floor is blocked out, you must also ensure that the door sweep does not produce friction when in contact with the floor. Keep a regular check on your door sweeps for wear and tear and hence, its timely repairs and replacement.

Do door sweeps keep mice out?

Yes, the door sweep is an effective and highly recommended method of rodent control. Blocking unnecessary open spaces can markedly impact the access of mice into your homes.

Final Thoughts

It’s time that door sweeps should be considered as a necessity of a household. Almost everyone struggles with disturbing noises and needs to purchase a soundproof door sweep for their place. The above-listed top 7 soundproof door sweeps are the best choices for people who wish to live their life noise-free. They also serve other purposes like keeping away insects, maintaining temperature, blocking unwanted light and so are worth the money. 

In our opinion, Decorealm Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper is the best overall irrespective of the price. With effective soundproofing properties, it also helps create a peaceful ambiance by keeping the room temperature and odor well-regulated. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper beats all of its contemporaries in the monetary domain; this product makes an excellent choice if you are on a budget.