5 Best Soundproof Blankets For Doors: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Soundproof blankets are a convenient product to help block off and deaden sound. They can be used if you are experiencing loud and annoying noises from outside the premises of your room. Additionally, you can also use soundproof blankets to practice your creative endeavors in peace.

The most efficient method to utilize soundproof blankets is to drape, hang or pin them against your door. By doing so, the soundproof blanket functions as a barrier that does not permit the majority of the noise to enter or exit your room.

However, with multiple soundproof blankets for doors available on the market, choosing which blanket would meet your requirements can become difficult. To make your task easier, we have evaluated and compiled a list of the 5 best soundproof blankets for doors.

Soundproof Blankets for Doors – Top Picks

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet (Best-overall)– 0.85 NCR rating
– Constructed from a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers
– Available in five different colors
– Includes additional hardware and three metal grommets 
– Reduces echo and reverberation  
– Dimensions: 8 feet (L) x 4.5 feet (W)
– Weight: 10 lbs.
US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket  (Runner-up)– Absorbs and dampens sounds
– Made from woven cotton and polyester
– Available in black in a solid design
– 96 inches (L) x 80 inches (W)
– Includes 9 grommets
Stalwart Moving Blanket  (Best budget option)– Multi-use pad 
– Made from soft recycled cotton
– Zigzag chevron pattern14.2’ (L) x 10.9’ (W)
– Durable quilted build

Best Soundproof Blankets for Doors

Now, let’s have a look at our detailed reviews. Here are the best soundproof blankets for doors.

1. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

The Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet ranks #1 on our list as it is considered one of the superior soundproof blankets available in the market. Its high quality is supported by its 0.85 NRC rating that indicates it can reduce the majority of the harsh noises. 

Moreover, this sound absorption sheet does a remarkable job in minimizing echoes, reverberation and improving the room’s overall acoustics. Thus, it is the ideal equipment required to mimic the effects of a professional studio at a lower price.

The Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet requires less raw material as it is manufactured from eco-C tex sound absorption material, which is recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. Therefore, if you are an eco-friendly consumer who is conscious of their carbon footprint, then this sheet is your recommended purchase. 

This soundproof blanket is hefty and delivers what it promises, at a justifiable price point. Moreover, the Audimute Sheet is equipped with hardware such as hanging knobs, screws, and three metal grommets. Therefore, it is quick and easy to install on your door, making it quite user-friendly.  

If you have a studio, an average-sized room, or office, then the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet would be an ideal choice. However, it should be noted that it isn’t quite versatile and would be difficult to clean as it is not washing machine friendly. Nevertheless, its technical design ensures that 85% of the sound waves are absorbed upon contact with the sheet. 


  • 0.8 NRC
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Safe for health; non-toxic
  • Removes reverberations and echoes 
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • 8 feet by 4.5 feet and weighs about 10 lbs


  • Not versatile- can only be used as soundproof blankets for a door. 

2. US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket 

The US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket is a consumer favorite supported by its 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Thus, earning the runner-up position on our list. It is a solid black, simple yet elegantly designed blanket that you can adjust against any door.

This blanket weighs 12 pounds and is manufactured out of dense materials such as durable woven cotton and a polyester shell enveloping the cotton filler. The stuffed cotton filler is also 100% recycled, which gives the US Cargo blanket an ethical and eco-conscious advantage. 

Despite its weight and large size, measuring approximately 96 inches in length, and 80 inches in width, this soundproof blanket for doors is surprisingly lightweight. Hence, it is easy to install on your door, supported by the nine hanging grommets equipped on the width of the blanket.  

In conclusion, this product is an ideal option if you are looking for a heavy-duty soundproof blanket for your door. Its size is large enough to fit any door and cover any gaps or cracks. Additionally, it is explicitly designed as a soundproof door blanket whose primary function is to absorb and dampen any noise entering or exiting your room.


  • Durable 
  • Washing machine friendly 
  • Large size to fit any door
  • Sleek design 
  • Nine pre-installed grommets 


  • Difficult to shut the door when installed 

3. Stalwart Moving Blanket 

If you are under a tight budget, the Stalwart Moving Blanket is an option worth considering. 

The Moving Blanket is constructed from multi-use padding that makes it versatile. Not only can you use it to protect your furniture, but its thick, soft recycled cotton padding is also efficient in absorbing noise. Hence, for an economical price, it is quite an impressive soundproof blanket that can help you deaden any noise entering your room. 

Furthermore, its durable quilted build is long-lasting. The cloth is constructed out of pure polyester that ensures its longevity. Additionally, it is designed with a double-stitched blue zigzag Chevron pattern that adds to the blanket’s aesthetic. 

It is a large, versatile blanket, measuring 73.5” (L) x 80” (W) that can fit on almost every door. The only drawback of this soundproof blanket is that it is not machine washable, which can pose a problem due to its large size.  


  • Multipurpose 
  • Soft padding 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Quilted tarp design 
  • Lightweight 
  • Heavy-duty


  • It is not machine washable  

4. Audimute isolé – Sound Barrier and Absorption Sheet

Clocking in at a solid 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Amazon is the Audimute isolé. The soundproof blanket has an impressive NCR score of 0.75 out of 1. Hence, it is ideal for noise-canceling purposes as it can absorb most of the harsh sounds via its absorption and soundproofing materials. 

The Audimute is constructed from eco-C tex sound absorption material consisting of recycled cotton amalgamated with cellulose fibers. It also employs a ‘green’ Peacemaker material embedded inside the soundproof blanket that acts as a barrier to block sound. 

Moreover, the dimensions of this product are measured at 82 inches in length by 34.5 inches in width. This simple fact makes it ideal for being used as a soundproof blanket for doors as it can conveniently conceal any extra gaps or spaces that could decrease the inefficiency of the blanket. 

Conclusively, the Audimute is an excellent choice for a soundproof blanket. It has all the green credentials that make it eco-friendly while also possessing the appropriate technical credentials to be on the list of the five best soundproof blankets for doors. 


  • Can absorb 75% of the sound waves 
  • Eco Friendly 
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Equipped with three grommets 


  • Not machine washable 

5. Sure-Max 4 Moving & Packing Blankets

The Sure-Max 4 Moving & Packing Blankets is an excellent purchase if you want to double your moving blanket as an effective soundproof blanket.

The blanket itself is made out of a premium-made thick, virgin cotton pad coupled with a seamlessly sewn polyester binding. This ensures the blanket’s durability, and the ample cushioning also emphasizes how efficient this product is for absorbing sound and protection.

Its built-to-last fashion is further strengthened by its heavy-duty fabric that is double-stitched to keep the noise-absorbing fibers and threads from fraying quickly. 

The Sure-Max Blankets weigh in at five and a quarter-pound while measuring at 80 inches in length and 72 inches in size. Hence, its construction and dimensions both make it an ideal blanket to make it on our list. 


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Multipurpose 
  • Professional, premium-grade resources
  • Double-sided construction 
  • Aesthetic zigzag pattern 


  • Not machine washable
  • Can smell slightly musty

Buyers Guide For Best Soundproof Blankets

Now that you’ve read through our detailed reviews for the best soundproof blankets out there, it’s time to dive deep into the buying process. You may already know a lot about buying soundproof blankets, but we’re sure we can add a few helpful pointers to your knowledge. Let’s have a look!

Types of Material For Soundproof Blanket

There is a lot of competition in the market, due to the presence of several brands for soundproof blankets. Selecting the best is difficult. But the main pointer here is to consider the type of material used. Soundproof blankets that are made of fiberglass panels are of the highest quality. The whole idea is to absorb noise and hence any heavy blanket can do the job if manufactured properly with cotton, polyester, or Eco-C tex. 


Grommets are beneficial hardware features for soundproof blankets. It is always recommended to purchase soundproof blankets that already come equipped with grommets, especially those constructed out of metal since they are more durable and can sustain the weight of the blanket. Grommets allow the soundproof blanket to be adjusted onto the door on a rod or wall. 


As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the size of the blanket, the more noise it will absorb and thus decrease the reverberations and echoes. If you are specific about the size of your blanket to allow a cozy fit for your door, standard soundproof blankets measure approximately 80 x 72 inches. However, if you are searching for anything smaller or larger than this size, even that is available in the market. 

Weight And Density 

The heavier the material of your soundproof blanket, the better. Polyester and cotton are the go-to materials for manufacturing soundproof blankets as the sound can bounce off them. They also assist in providing insulation to your room. 

However, it should be considered that soundproof blankets constructed of these heavy materials are difficult to install because of their weight. Especially in the case of doors, as the blankets have to be elevated to door height. 

It should be noted that the heavier the material, the more fiber it contains. Hence, it directly affects the weight and density of the blanket, which affects how much noise it can absorb and cancel. 


What is the difference between a soundproof blanket and a moving blanket? 

A soundproof blanket is technically designed for the sole purpose of deadening noise. However, a moving blanket is an economical, versatile substitute for a soundproof blanket. Since a moving blanket is thick and constructed of heavy material, it can absorb sounds effectively.

How do you clean soundproof blankets?  

Generally, it is recommended to handwash soundproof blankets. However, it depends on the company whose soundproof blanket you are buying. Search for any instructions regarding the cleaning procedure in the pamphlet or manual you were provided with upon purchase. If it does not specifically state handwash, you can take your soundproof blanket down to your commercial laundromat for further clarity. 

Can soundproof blankets for doors be used anywhere else? 

If the soundproof blanket is precisely engineered to be attached to the door, it would not be suitable to use it to soundproof other areas of your room, such as the floor. This is because the blanket can get damaged if it is not designed to step upon or have objects placed on it. Instead, it is advised to invest in soundproof mats. 

Is it effective to fluff soundproof blankets for doors?

In theory, yes. Fluffing your soundproof blanket can assist in loosening the fibers of your blanket. Thus, in turn, it absorbs more noise. However, the difference may not be very noticeable. 


The lack of privacy and peace from loud noises and being constantly under the stress of potentially disturbing someone can be exhausting. This is exactly why we’ve done the deed for you by analyzing the five best soundproof blankets for doors available in the market at diverse price ranges. 

To achieve the most out of your soundproof blanket, you can pair your acoustic soundproof blanket with strips of foam panels that can assist in concealing any gaps on your door. However, if your blanket meets the standard size of 80 x 72 inches, it will be the appropriate fit for an average door that can conceal the gaps itself. 

Moreover, you should ensure that you invest in a soundproof blanket constructed from either cotton fibers or polyester, as they are the heaviest materials that can absorb the most sounds. Fiberglass is also a popular material, however, there are certain health risks attached to its use. Thus, it is advised to refrain from purchasing soundproof blankets manufactured from fiberglass. 

After thorough consideration, the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet was considered the best overall soundproof blanket for doors due to its high quality and ability to absorb 85% of the sound waves. US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket follows it as the runner-up due to its versatility, and the Stalwart Moving Blanket is an economic soundproof blanket that you can purchase under a strict budget.