7 Best Soundproof Accordion Doors: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Soundproof accordion doors are of great help when you want to shut off disturbing voices that interfere with your focus on your work, especially for the rooms that are partitioned and divided into two. You can fix a soundproof accordion door at one side of the room to get away with the distracting voices that divert your attention from the task at hand.

Accordion doors have proven to be an excellent addition to the home appliances department. Privacy is underrated and soundproof accordion doors are fit for the job. Now there are a lot of companies producing these sort of doors for the customer’s ease. 

Companies know that comfort is everything and therefore they strive to provide the most easily applicable solution there is to a homemaker’s problem. Apart from being soundproof, the accordion doors are usually made in elegant designs, that fold themselves when opened, for the user’s ease. 

Picking one from the many options in the market is a confusing task because you will have to consider the specifications of every single item. That is nearly impossible as it will take a crazy amount of time. To keep you away from that, we have evaluated some of the best soundproof accordion doors for you. Read this review and choose the best suitable option for yourself. 

Top Picks for the Best Soundproof Accordion Doors



LTL Soundproof Interior Accordion Door(Best Overall)
– Scratch-resistant
– UV varnish for durability
– Installed easily
– Can be cut to a height
– Energy-efficient
– Reversible door handling
– Made with glass hardboard
Encore Folding Door
– Made of glass board
– Energy-efficient double wall
– Comes with a magnetic catch
– Ultra-violet coating
– Flexible vinyl hinges
LTL Home Products Horizon Interior Accordion Folding Door(Best Budget Option)– Non-leaded vinyl panels
– Can be trimmed into any size
– Reasonable cost
– Unique design
– Best for tight spaces 
– Resist water comparatively better

Best Soundproof Accordion Door

1. LTL Soundproof Interior Accordion Door

In our list, the best soundproof accordion door has to be LTL Soundproof Interior Accordion Door. They are crafted of simple yet energy-efficient vinyl panels that are double-walled and have flexible vinyl hinges. 

It is ready to install and ideal for closets and tight spaces because it fits well. As far as its texture is concerned, its white finish has a scratch-resistant surface with a clear UV varnish for durability and strength. It comes with reversible door handing. Good thing is that it can be trimmed to any desired height. LTL Accordion door is the overall best soundproof on our list, given all of these features.


  • Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient pannels
  • Can be trimmed according to a suitable height
  • 4-year warranty


  • Customers have complained about the missing hardware for installation

2. Encore Folding Door

The Encore folding door is an energy-efficient double-wall PVC door with flexible vinyl hinges. Moreover, the door is coated with an ultraviolet coating that resists fading and scratching. 

The door size is 32″ x 80,” and thus, it is easy to walk through it. To accommodate larger width openings, expansion sets are 8″ x 80″ in dimensions. It comes with a magnetic catch. The track of the door measures 6′ in length. The EN3280F is a 32-inch fruitwood door, and the EN0880F is an 8-inch fruitwood expansion panel.

Door EN3280K: 32″ Oak. Expansion panel EN0880K: 8″ Oak. There are two sizes of white doors. EN3280H is a 32″ door, and EN0880H is an 8″ white expansion panel.

This is one of the products that provide a wide range of options to choose the best suitable ones for your space and budget.


  • Simple and basic installation
  • Low maintenance


  • The interior of the door may get damaged while shipping
  • The quality is poor

3. LTL Home products Oakmount Interior Accordion Folding Door 

The main attraction of the Oakmount Accordion Door is the flexible hinges that allow it to fold. The simple action makes it ideal for a small space while also fulfilling its purpose, courtesy of the double-walled vinyl panels. 

Your house is your space and it is obvious that you adjust it to your needs. This door is a prime example of being adjustable. It not only can be turned into a double door but it can also be fitted to any size, even if it is less than the standard 48”. 

It is stated as the best alternative for handicapped people and is also very easy to install. Moreover, the color is exactly as seen in the pictures; a beautiful bright pecan color. 


  • Adjustable size
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy opening and closing 
  • Beautiful design


  • Cutting gets a bit hard 
  • Screws get snapped off sometimes
  • Does not have a latch

4. LTL Home Products Sienna Interior Accordion Folding Door

With flexible hinges, vinyl wall panels are maintenance-free.

You can install this product in openings that are 24″ to 36″ wide by 80″ high, and you can trim it to any height.

Double doors can be installed for a maximum opening of 6 feet. The installation kit includes track, hardware, and easy installation instructions. Moreover, the magnetic striker plate and magnet are attached to ensure the door stays closed. Doors that open from left to right and from right to left can be installed with reversible handling.

Furthermore, you don’t need any battery for operating these doors. And it comes with a minimum of 48 months warranty. 


  • Can hold up water better than fiberboards
  • Privacy promised
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance


  • Sometimes the lock is displaced
  • Difficult to cut
  • Very flimsy 

5. LTL Home Products Oakmont Interior Accordion Folding Door

Oakmont doors are a great choice for any room because they are long-lasting and low-maintenance. They’re made of double-walled, energy-efficient vinyl panels with adjustable vinyl latches. A scratch-resistant, transparent UV coating is applied to the surface. The doors can be cut to any elevation and fit spaces up to 48″ wide by 80″ high. For door openings smaller than 48″ wide, the vinyl panels can be detached. You can also install them as double doors, as they can be fit in the frame if the two doors are merged. 


  • Can be installed as double doors
  • They are scratch-resistant
  • They can be cut to a suitable height
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Customers have reported misplaced tracks
  • Some customers received the damaged article

6. Spectrum Metro Frosted Square Plexiglas Accordion Folding Door

This Frosted Square Acrylic Accordion Door is excellent for cupboards, tiny rooms, and confined quarters. It allows you to block off portions of your home where regular doors don’t fit. Concealing semi-private regions with drapes or beadwork is now considered an outdated alternative. Now is the time of accordion doors.

It is soundproof, strong, and elegant, with a width of 36″ and a height of 80″. This beautiful accordion door is supported by a 3-year limited guarantee. It is made of high-quality, lead-free materials for long-lasting sturdiness and reliable handling. It is cool and stylish, according to the manufacturer, the new advanced folding door with aesthetics. It is a great invention for the present and future, a door that is not limited to a specific era.


  • Advanced features
  • Cool and trendy design
  • Sturdy built-up and reliable handling


  • It is made of cheap plastic

7. LTL Home Products Elite Interior Accordion Folding Door

This elite vinyl accordion door contains track and hardware to fix it in the room, along with the guide that you can follow to fix the door up quickly. Its opening width is measured 24″ * 36”, with a height of 80″. Its maintenance-free vinyl panels are silver coated. Their plus point is that they resist ultraviolet rays from passing the door. 

You can trim its doors to the height that suits your wall or door frame, and they also have a great feature of reversible handling that helps with the installation. Its double door feature fits two doors at a time that keeps the sounds from coming in. but if that doesn’t suit you, you can even buy them separately.


  • Comes with a guide for installation
  • It is durable for home installation
  • Doesn’t let UV rays pass through


  • Sometimes the screws are reported to be displaced

8. LTL Home Products Contempra Interior Accordion Folding Door

This LTL folding door from the Contempra brand is an excellent pick because of its modern appearance and uniqueness. The imprinted surface, which has color chips permanently set in it, is long-lasting and low-maintenance. Contempra solid vinyl panel doors, created with adjustable vinyl hinges, accommodate spaces from 24″ to 36″ wide by 80″ high. They are made using a secure non-leaded vinyl composition. It’s possible to install it as a double door. All hardware and 36″ of rail also come with it. Contempra is an outstanding pick because of its modern appearance and uniqueness.


  • Modern appearance
  • Double door feature
  • Non-lead vinyl composition


  • Not durable
  • Made of cheap plastic

9. LTL Home Products Horizon Interior Folding Accordion Door

This folding door comprises attractive plastic slats braided with similar sealing string and is built to facilitate any budget. This low-maintenance door fits spaces ranging from 24′′ to 32′′ wide by 80′′ high. It can be made into a double door by combining two single doors.

It is composed of non-leaded vinyl that is safe to use. Suitable-sized hardware and tracks for installation are also included. One magnet and a striker plate are included in the package, allowing the door to be firmly closed. It is uniquely styled, giving a modern look.


  • Made of non-leaded vinyl
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Customers have reported about the warped screws

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Soundproof Accordion Doors

You will need to consider a few important things before going out to the market to buy a soundproof accordion door. Mentioned below are the points that will definitely help you out in choosing the best suitable soundproof accordion door for yourself. Hopefully, you will come back home with the perfect fit. 

Consider Where Are You Going To Use It

The most crucial point on which all other points rely is where you will use the accordion door. Firstly, you will have to consider whether you need it for residential or commercial use. Because for both these purposes, they are designed differently. For commercial use, like hotels, offices, etc., there will be accordion doors with bigger sizes, made for heavy-duty use. But when they are placed in the home, the accordion doors are built-in short dimensions comparatively with just basic essential features.

Double-check For The Accurate Measurements

Measurements are necessary to be taken before you go out to buy the accordion door. It will be better to take the proper accurate measurements than to come back home with a wrong-sized door that won’t even fit the frame. 

Style Matters

Accordion doors come in different styles and designs, and you should have an image in mind as to what you would like for your home. But specifically for soundproof accordion doors, the material used is different from others. At the same time, you can still choose the style and color according to your house interior.

Make Sure They Won’t Rattle

Rattling sounds are irritating, especially when you are placing the door to prevent any sound from coming in. If it rattles, it will be useless. Besides, their screws may eventually loosen, and they won’t work correctly anymore. That is why it is crucial to check the accordion door before you buy for its stability and rigidity. 

Check For Their Vertical And Lateral Adjustment

Door systems that can be adjusted vertically and, more crucially, laterally suit the best. This flexibility will come in handy for installation as they can be properly installed by folding the doors. If it starts moving with time, it can easily be readjusted without causing its frame to shift. As a result, the doors can keep functioning normally.

Look How Their Tracking System Works

From where you are buying your soundproof accordion door, they should brief you about its features regarding the tracking system. It should preferably have alignment grooves and overhead protectors, as they guarantee that your accordion door seals securely and runs perfectly. In addition, the ceiling protector helps protect your ceiling from any harm.


What type of doors is best for soundproofing?

You can significantly improve the soundproofing of your residence by changing hollow-core doors to solid construction doors, such as solid wood or solid-core doors. If it is affordable for you, a solid hardwood door will significantly reduce noise. And such kinds of doors will be best suited for soundproofing as they compress the voices coming inside the room. 

Do accordion doors block sounds well?

As accordion doors are in layers, they prevent the noises better from coming in or going out. These doors are folded at one side and are sometimes fixed on their upper sidetracks, which allows you to fix them temporarily and take them off when they are not needed. They have sound blocking insulation incorporated, which compresses the voices from coming in and going out.

How do you soundproof a folding door?

Folding doors can be sealed in various ways. You can fill the cracks to insulate the sounds. You can even use soundproof blankets or curtains as they are also being used these days for this purpose. And even if you don’t want to follow any such crafty ways, you can buy an accordion soundproof door, and set it temporarily if not permanently to cease the voices.

Do bifold doors block sound?

Bifold doors do not block sounds as they are hollow; sounds can pass through them easily. To prevent the sound from going out of the room premises, you can use different soundproofing materials to fill in the hollow cracks and block the path of sound from passing through the door. 


Soundproof Accordion Doors are still not very popular and even if they are easy to install, doing your own research is important. Everyone’s house is built differently and so, everyone’s preferences will be different. We make sure that apart from getting good deals, you’re also selecting the product that will be best for you. 

All of these doors are very affordable and have low maintenance. The LTL soundproof interior accordion door is the best pick from this list. If you are a student studying away from home or someone who wants the best return for your money, all you need to do is order this super affordable door so that your studies won’t be disturbed. Choose the door you find perfect for you and have peaceful slumbers or work without interruption.