7 Best Soundproof Room Dividers

A room divider is a fast, low-cost, ornamental, and temporary wall that offers visual separation between spaces or splits a huge room into separate regions in your house. It can provide seclusion wherever required, without the need to erect a wall.

Life is frantic. We may all identify with at least some of these circumstances: a common living area, the continuous buzz of traffic, hectic work commitments, or noisy neighbors. What all of us want is our own serene, peaceful sanctuary where we can rest, snooze, or spend uninterrupted time, regardless of what’s going on outside.

Today, we have compiled a list of the 7 best soundproof room dividers, for your reference.

Comparison Table

The table below offers a quick comparison of the seven best soundproof room dividers. 

ProductMaterial Dimensions
Versare Versapanel Acoustical Room DividerPlastic8′ x 6’6″
NICETOWN Total Shade Soundproof Curtain100% Polyester‎95” x 52” x 0.5”
RYB HOME Room Divider Screen PartitionPolyester Blend8’x 15’
NICETOWN Closet Curtains Sound BlockingPolyester 84” x 100” x 0.2”
Sorbus Room Divider Privacy ScreenPine128″ x 72″
LORDTEX Room Divider Curtains100% Polyester‎8.3’ x 7’
Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain Polyester55″ x 63″ 

Quick Picks

Soundproof room dividers are a great way to muffle any sound entering your space.  But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. Here are two of our top picks:

Best Overall: Versare Versapanel Acoustical Room Divider has emerged as a favorite divider for studios, workplaces, and schools due to its acoustical textured fabric, thick foam inserts, and customizable combinations. 

Most Budget-Friendly Option: Nicetown Total Shade Soundproof Curtains are the best room dividers that are budget-friendly, and provide noise reduction, heat insulation, and privacy.

7 Best Soundproof Room Dividers 

Let us delve into the details of each of the 7 best soundproof room dividers.

1. Versare Versapanel Acoustical Room DividerBest Overall

The Versapanel Acoustic Room Divider combines style and value in a stylish adaptable structure. The principal insulating material of the Versapanel is polyethylene foam, which itself is renowned for its efficacy and longevity at a cheap price. Polyethylene is a low-density foam that is excellent in suppressing acoustic echoes, especially in the mid-to-high frequencies range. 

The cushioning also provides a nice touch and appearance to the divider, which makes it a popular option for business settings. Each panel portion is held together by magnetic bracing, making installation and movement a breeze due to the absence of bolts or brackets to dismantle. The standard panel width is 8 feet, but it may be magnetically attached to produce a personalized size.


  • Steel foundation that stands alone
  • Design that is adaptable
  • Elegant feel and appearance


  • Not a very budget-friendly option

2. NICETOWN Total Shade Soundproof Curtain Most Budget-Friendly Option

These NICETOWN soundproof drapes are one of the greatest room dividers we’ve seen so far, and hence they are one of the top options on our list. You receive noise suppression, heat insulation, and privacy protection with them. Despite being composed of polyester, these curtains have the glossy texture of velvet. 

The drapes are made of triple-woven polyester, which adds thickness and weight. The rear is simply black, which primarily serves to filter sunlight and UV radiation. However, these two layers significantly improve sound absorption. As a result, it does an excellent job of isolating a room, offering privacy, obscuring sunlight, and reducing noise. They are also thermally insulated, which allows them to keep a consistent temperature inside.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Velvety texture
  • Provides complete darkness and room insulation


  • The total width of a single panel is just 100 inches, which may not be sufficient for larger rooms 

3. RYB HOME Room Divider Screen Partition Most Aesthetically Pleasing

Following the most budget-friendly option is this lovely soundproof room divider from RYB Home. It’s comparable to NICETOWN total shade, however, there are more size possibilities with them. These drapes include room separators that will look great in a studio, office, or communal living area. It is also made of triple-weave polyester like the NICETOWN Total Shade, making it a suitable alternative for a noise-free lifestyle. 

It is really nice to the touch and looks to be a silky, elegant, massive fabric piece that will keep stuff quiet. It maintains consistency on both sides since it has an identical finish on both the front and the rear. It will divide a space perfectly, making your side private, peaceful, and clutter-free.


  • Sounds are absorbed
  • Both sides have the same finish
  • There are several sizes and color possibilities


  • Not budget friendly

4. NICETOWN Closet Curtains Sound Blocking – Most Size Options

Someone searching for a fast remedy for removing unpleasant noise should consider these NICETOWN room dividers. This is an item that will provide you with your own private space without requiring you to erect a wall or make a hole in your wallet. It is the brand’s second appearance on our list. Whenever it comes to soundproofing using curtains, NICETOWN has mastered it.

This curtain is incredibly soft, robust, and hefty. It’s comprised of triple-weave polyester material that’s dense enough to block out unwanted background noises while still providing you with personal space on each side. The hefty polyester cloth absorbs the majority of the sound and totally conceals everything on both sides. These curtains are also available in a variety of colors and sizes.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Soundproofing is excellent
  • Machine washable


  • Not blackout curtains 

5. Sorbus Room Divider Privacy Screen Best Free-Standing Divider

Here’s what you can do if you want to avoid the effort of mounting curtain rods to suspend drapes from the ceiling. Perhaps curtains aren’t the ideal fit for your area, or perhaps you would like to add an artistic flair to the place. Whichever the cause, the Sorbus room divider is ideal for any place, whether inside, or outside.

It’s a free-standing room divider made up of 8 panels braided from camphor wood and paper thread. It is 130” long and approximately 20” wide. Its finest uses are separating sleeping spaces for visitors, concealing ugly items, and partitioning a kitchen space. It is light and compact, making it easy to transport, yet it requires no assembling.


  • Curtain rods are not required
  • Folds up easily
  • When not in use, it can be stored


  • Only available in one size

6. LORDTEX Room Divider Curtains – Best Blackout Curtains

This LORDTEX room divider looks great in any environment thanks to its triple-weave polyester fabric on both the front and back. Given the price and characteristics like 90% blackout, noise reduction, and a variety of color and size options, it’s a fairly fantastic offer if you’re looking to secure your privacy. You may conceal the clutter from view or establish a distinct area for your visitors. 

These are ideal for urban lofts, sharing bedrooms, and dorms, but they may also be utilized as blackout curtains for sliding doors or studio backgrounds. The upkeep is straightforward. They may be washed in a conventional washing machine. Overall, they are excellent solutions at a much lower cost that will help you decrease unwanted noise, and filter sunlight, all the while, enhancing the aesthetics of your space. 


  • Cost effective
  • Reduces background noise well
  • 90% of sunlight and UV rays are blocked out


  • Might face issues finding your perfect size

7. Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain  Best Splurge

Another popular option is the Moondream sound insulation curtain, which provides soundproofing, blackout, and heat insulation. The brand promises to reduce noise levels by up to 7 dB. It is made of three separate fabric layers that make it dense and weighty in order to offer effective sound isolation. It seems simple and beautiful, with the same fabric on both sides, including the metal eyelets. 

These soundproof curtains are ideal for homes that are subjected to continual road noise. They not only minimize external noise but also block audio reflections within a room. The outside layer provides complete blackout, while the innermost layer (0.01% aluminum) provides insulation. On the flip side, it is not the most economical choice available.


  • Allows for blackout
  • Thermal insulation is provided
  • Rust-proof grommets are included with thick, heavy drapes


  • Must be dry-cleaned 

Buying Guide for Soundproof Room Dividers

The markets are flooded with options in soundproof room dividers. We have listed the best 7 in this article, along with their pros and cons. But, what are the characteristics and properties that an ideal soundproof room divider should possess? Read on, to find out for yourself:

Things to Consider

The effectiveness and life span of a room divider depends on a number of things; materials, weight and density, size, ease of installation, color scheme, and additional features. 


Textile is an important thing to consider while looking for a good soundproof room divider. Some materials attenuate acoustic rebounds, whereas others amplify them. For effective performance, soundproof room dividers should include some type of soft fabric on the exterior and inner layers. 

Any of the materials listed below are effective in sound absorption. You must, however, consider their fit and finish and how it might impact their ability to soak up sound.

Polyester: As you can see, polyester is used in the manufacturing of the majority of room divider curtain brands. Why? It’s because they provide a superb set of attributes for a great soundproof curtain: resilience, low cost, and machine washability. Despite the fact that polyester is not a thick fabric, producers utilize many layers of the material to make it thick and heavy.

The most common marketing phrase is “triple-weave polyester,” which refers to the material’s three interlaced sections. It produces a thick, dense, hefty curtain that is extremely efficient in blocking noise, and sunlight, and providing heat insulation.

Velvet: It is one of the preferred materials for room dividers. The velvet curtains are made of thick polyester with a velvet-like sheen and texture. It’s a machine-made fabric designed to offer volume, depth, smoothness, and a sumptuous appearance.

Weight and Density

After you’ve evaluated the materials utilized to create your ideal soundproof room divider, make sure to verify the mass and thickness. Soundproof dividers that are heavier and thicker absorb acoustic rebounds considerably more effectively than thinner, lighter ones. 


It is critical to double-check the sizes and measurements of your room dividers to ensure that they meet your demands. Space dividers’ performance will suffer if they are not used wall-to-wall, and just cutting off a small portion of the room will invalidate its absorption qualities.


Soundproof room dividers must be placed in a variety of methods. Some separators are built of free-standing panels, whereas others may need to be installed and mounted. Ensure that your area can handle and allow for any assembly needs that your room divider may have.

Additional Features

Always make sure that the design of your room divider incorporates some type of protection from fundamental environmental factors. Your room divider should be resistant to dust, mild wetness, and changes in temperature caused by interior utilities such as air conditioners/gas burners.

Colour Scheme

If at all feasible, try to choose soundproof room dividers which complement the color pattern of the room you’re utilizing them in. Soundproof room dividers that match will help minimize visual noise in a space, which is a small but crucial feature that can lead to enhanced attention and innovation.

How Did We Choose the Best Products?

We discovered what we think to be the finest soundproof room dividers by using customer satisfaction evaluations and whether the dividers successfully reduced sound. We also looked at other qualities commonly associated with various divider types, such as heat and temperature resistance. 

The room dividers were chosen with both aesthetic and functional considerations in mind, so we carefully examined whether the end users liked the soundproofing features’ impact and if they believed the dividers looked good in all the spaces they were placed. Consequently, our leading contenders had varying success on these two fronts.

Quick Tips for Using and Installing Soundproof Room Dividers

  • The more you soundproof your whole room, the greater each individual part will function. Soundproofing is intended to lessen the total reverberation created by traveling waves, so attempt to arrange your dividers towards the sides and back of your space.
  • Acoustic reflections are far more effectively absorbed by tilted soundproof room dividers than by flat surfaces. To optimize the efficiency of your dividers, try to arrange them in this manner.
  • Ensure that you clean and air out the soundproof room dividers on a regular basis. Moisture and dust are absorbed by all fiber fabrics over time, and the accumulation of these substances can reduce the performance ability of your dividers.
  • When working with vast interior areas, it is preferable to put your dividers in a staggered design at strategic locations around the space rather than a lengthy partition. Rather than depending on a single point of diffusion, this will induce the acoustic rebounds to break up sporadically.
  • If feasible, hire an acoustician or sound engineering specialist to inspect your space for traveling waves and potential reflecting hotspots. These experts ought to be able to guide you on the appropriate quantity and arrangement of soundproof room dividers for your area.

People Also Asked

Before we end the article, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions:

Which soundproofing material is the most effective? 

For optimal sound absorption, look for soundproofing with some type of microfibre fabric on the interior. The more fibers you have in your soundproof room dividers, the better they will decrease sound echoes.

What is the best way to soundproof a room that has a shared wall?

There are a few soundproof dividers that do not need any type of setup. There are additionally soundproof dividers that require minimum construction (such as a tension cable) and should not disturb the people with whom you share a wall.

What is the least expensive way to soundproof a room? 

There are various less expensive solutions to traditional soundproofing. Filling the space with huge furnishings such as bookcases, draperies, and sofas is the simplest technique to generate sound dampening. Items like this have a significant role in splitting up a room’s acoustic reflections. Closing any windows and doors and sealing any fractures around their frames that may allow outside sound to enter is also an effective method of soundproofing that won’t break the bank. 

Do room dividers help to reduce noise?

Noise may be blocked or reduced by using soundproof room dividers. These are not the same as traditional room dividers. There are several varieties of soundproofing room dividers, including free-standing, drapes, folding, wall panels, acoustic foam, glass partitions, and so on. The sort of soundproofing room divider you require will be determined by the function for which it will be used as well as your architectural style.

Do drapes and room dividers assist to insulate a room?

Certain room divider curtains constructed of strong, dense layers and layers of textiles, primarily polyester, may aid in noise reduction and insulation. Other materials that are braided in between certain curtains also help to hinder heat conduction.